I packed up the hotel room yesterday morning.  Actually, since it was just me, it took me all of five minutes, and that was even throwing out the garbage.  Oops, note to self – Extended Stay America has trash rooms so that you can throw out your trash – never saw that before!

I brought my big bag of food and have it stashed in the family waiting room refrigerator.  When Tony got his breakfast, I ended up making an English muffin breakfast sammie.  They have a toaster so while the muffin toasted I microwaved the egg beaters and added some shredded cheese on the top the last few seconds of heating up the eggs.


Late morning I ended up getting my walking shoes on.  I knew I could still get 10,000 steps in a day if I just spread it out.  I walked for 35 minutes the first time out.  Sunny and 80 – nice!


I ended up going around the neighborhood around St. Mary’s.  It is a very hilly!


Lunch was 1/2 a pastrami sandwich from the City Market that I bought for Tony the day before.  Any of you who have had patient hospital is moderate at best.  Over cooked vegetables and burgers.  I know Tony loves pastrami, so when I got my lunch the day before yesterday I picked him up half a sandwich.  Um, yeah, I guess I forgot he was on a low sodium diet for a minute – total brain fart!  So I ate it yesterday with a cup of my Cincinnati chili and some grapes on the side.


Then a few hours later I went on my second walk.  I was on a mission to buy Tony a back scratcher – he loves using his at home and I found one at Ace Hardware of all places for $1!  I saw this cute shop next to the hardware store – this was a stone beverage trivet, and had it not had a price tag of $20, I would have bought it – it is so me!  I almost always take my bra off within the first five minutes of getting home from work.


As I was making my way back to the hospital I saw this restaurant called Tonic.   Huh.  It said “local food” on the outside.  I didn’t know what “local food” actually meant, but when I walked in it was super cute!


While I think a big portion of their business is smoothies, I ordered the hummus appetizer.  It tasted like lemon garlic hummus, served with fresh veggie chips, herbed olives and grilled pita bread.  I just added some grapes that I had in my food bag.


This was the best dinner.  I was satisfied and not stuffed at all.  I will definitely check out this place again since we will be here over the weekend.

So the good news for Tony is that his hemoglobin number is coming up!  Now we just have to finish getting the fluid out of him and hopefully we can get his heart biopsy done on Monday.  Still have to figure out my work situation.  I think I only have three days left for the rest of the year due to all the trips back and forth to Mayo.  My boss and office manager is on vacation, so I’ll give her a call on Sunday and hopefully we can work something out.  I need to be here.  End of story.  And however that happens, I’ll get it done.

So until who knows when, this will be my sleeping quarters – it’s actually quite comfortable for a cot!


So check it out!


So it is possible, with everything that is going on here, to get my steps in.  I will continue that over the weekend for sure.  Not only does it give me a break but it gives Tony a break too – I tend to be a Mother Hen around him – it’s just my nature!

Oh, and I meant to link to this post Abbe did the other day – it was so nice of her!  Thanks Abbe!

And yes, here is your daily reminder to vote for my recipe!   Don’t worry, only 21 more days of reminders – ha!  Thanks for your continued votes, emails, comments – you all are keeping us going – hugs!   Have a great weekend, see you Monday!