Tony and I split a big New York strip because it was pretty thick – once steak weighed in at a whole pound!!   

Tips On Grilling a Great Steak:

  • the steak should be room temperature – never grill a cold steak
  • make sure your grill is really pre-heated – mine was 500 degrees when I put mine on
  • I use a timer to make sure I don’t overcook it = 2 minutes one side, flip and cook for 2 minutes, flip in opposite direction and cook each side one additional minute for rare/medium rare
  • let it rest!  After it leaves the grill, wrap in foil for at LEAST 5 minutes (mine rested closer to 10) to let the juices redistribute


I love the marble in New York strips
I love the marble in New York strips
Love this seasoning too!
Love this seasoning too!

I forgot to take a picture of my salad!  It was good – 2 cups mixed greens, cucumber and Annie’s Goddess dressing. 

  • 4 ounces steak
  • 5 ounces baked potato
  • 1 tablespoon fat free sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon bacon bits (put on potato and salad at the table)
  • 2 cups salad
  • cucumber
  • Goddess dressing
Dinner comes in at 634 calories, 37 fat and 44 carbs
Dinner comes in at 634 calories, 37 fat and 44 carbs

Stats for the Day:

  • 1570 calories
  • 72 fat
  • 149 carbs
  • 41% of calories from fat (I blame the chocolate shake earlier!)
  • 22% of calories from protein
  • 38% of calories from carbs
  • Day 18 of 30 Shred = done!
  • 20 minute walk with the dog

Right now I am catching up on the parts of Idol I fast forwarded just to see who got voted off!   I have an amazing menu coming up this week – you’ll just have to wait and see!   Ribs are tomorrow with homemade barbecue sauce!  

Night all!