Technology these days is amazing.  Mayo Clinic has an app – so I downloaded it on my phone a few weeks ago.  It has campus maps and stuff like that, but the most amazing thing is that I have access to all of Tony’s medication information basically as soon as it is available.  Lab results, doctors notes – it’s as if I have an electronic file of Tony’s whole medical file since he’s been here.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen or read anything from my medical file!

One of the cardiologists is big and boisterous.   He actually reminds me a lot of my Uncle Dave.   Anyway, Tuesday night he stopped by to introduce himself.  He discussed that the main goal was to get all the fluid off so that we can get his heart biopsy today.  Yesterday I was able to log onto the app and read his notes.  So I am reading the last paragraph out loud to Tony and the doctor ended the notes with “discussed the plan of action with patient and his daughter.”  The doctor thought I was Tony’s daughter, not his wife!  That made us laugh so hard!  (and for the record, I am only 7 1/2 years younger than Tony).

So yesterday morning this doctor came in and took one look at Tony and said “why didn’t you tell me you were a mess?”  Somehow overnight Tony’s blood count dropped substantially – they had to give him an emergency blood transfusion and as of last night, he’s gotten 4 units.  His kidneys also weren’t functioning, so they have to figure out why he’s losing blood and that’s there focus now.  He’s nowhere near getting his heart biopsy done, and my guess is that it won’t be until sometime next week.

Luckily his kidney ultrasound didn’t show any signs of constriction or anything, so they need to concentrate on his blood right now and figure out what’s causing what.  We both were thinking that if we had waited until yesterday to come here, it really night have been too late to save him!

So I confessed on Instagram that I may have had more than one share of cheese spread and crackers the night before last.  I am an emotional eater and I am by myself.  Trouble with a Capital T.  So I decided to bring all my food with me yesterday.  Down the hall from Tony’s room is a family waiting room.  It has a full fridge. microwave, etc.


They had a package with stickers and a Sharpie, and I labeled my food and dated it.


On the drive to St. Mary’s I had a piece of my granola and some cheese.  I wasn’t very hungry!


When Tony got back from his ultrasound, I heated up my leftover chicken stir fry.


I brought a serving of my Cincinnati Chili for dinner, but wasn’t really feeling it.  Blog reader Joanne (Hi Joanne!) who has been to Mayo and St. Mary’s for medical issues suggested a café that was right across the street from St. Mary’s.  I really needed to get some fresh air, so while Tony waited for his hospital food, I walked across the street.


While I saw the fried cheese curds on the menu:


I ordered a pork souvlaki pita with tzatziki sauce on the side and a lime chili cole slaw instead of fries.’


I liked that the dressing was on the side, but it was chopped up bok choy and cabbage and didn’t have a ton of flavor.  The pita was pretty good though.  And you can’t beat the price of $5.25.

While Tony naps I’ve found myself downloading stupid apps – check this one out – it’s called Face Juggler!  It looks like I am smoking Tony’s cigar!  Hahahaha!


Thanks again for all your comments to yesterday’s post.  I feel much better today and will pull on my positive pants before leaving the hotel this morning.  Your kind words, emails, etc. are what are keeping me going.  THANK YOU!

Now one more time, don’t forget to vote or my Pan Seared Pork Chop Recipe Contest Dish!  I wish there was a way to see who was in the lead, but I guess we’ll just have to wait.  Thank you for voting!

Off to shower and head to St. Mary’s – hopefully Tony got some sleep last night.  Make it a great day!