Last Friday night my Aunt told me that she was taking us to a place for dinner that I would really love.  It was called Southern Season.  I had never heard of it before, but you know I am always up for eating out.

VA 088

A whole wall of hot sauces!  Turns out Southern Season is a foodies dream.  Cooking school, housewares, wine, cheese, bakery – you name it they had it.  And right beside the store part was their restaurant.  We started off with the house cut BBQ potato chips and the Pimento Cheese Fritters.  My Aunt makes the best pimento cheese.  I’ve watched her make it, but hers is just always better.

VA 080

VA 081

You all know how I love my balls!  Well, these were spectacular.  Crunchy on the outside, ooey gooey cheesy on the inside and on the bottom was a thin slightly sweet spicy Thai sauce that worked really with the salty cheese.  I told my cousin Brian I’d have to figure out how to recreate these – my thought is to make the pimento cheese, roll it into balls, bread it and then put them in the freezer and then go from freezer to fryer.  We’ss see!  Friday night was the only night I had to see my cousin Brian, his wife Lori and their son Madison, who is growing into a man before my eyes – he’s a senior in high school and super talented.  He wants to be a drummer in a band, but realizes that’s going to be really had to do, so he might major in music and computers.  Ah to be 17 and have all the possibilities ahead of you!

I got the NY strip – I asked for MR, it was more medium, but my Mom and Aunt’s meats were really under, so I didn’t really want to send a third dish back to the kitchen.  In the end they took one full entrée off, and comped our desserts.  Robin, I definitely recommend going there – but it is a bit $$. 

VA 086

I want to say it was 1987 or 1988, but my sister had this idea of moving to Florida.  I said, well if you are moving to Florida, then I am going to Virginia!  I lived with my Aunt for the better part of 9 months before I missed my twin sister and came back home.  But I did have the opportunity to see my cousin Brian and his band.  They were very popular in the Richmond and beyond bar scene.  They were called The Limit, and I remember standing in the audience, not really knowing anyone, but telling them “that’s my cousin!”  Brian is second from the right.


Ah the 80s!  Such an awesome time in fashion – acid washed jeans, big hair.  I love this picture!   It was a great night catching up with Brian and his family, but I’ll see them again this summer.

Last week Hannah came to me and said “I have some bad news.”  I said “what??!!”  She accidentally used my number on my zero scale so she had to reset it.  OMG, no big deal!  So last Wednesday I reset it, so Wednesday is going to be my WI day.

1.13 003

I maintained my weight for the weekend while I was away, and I consider that a victory! 

PicMonkey Collage

I made a whole wheat breakfast sammie and oranges for breakfast, vegetarian chili and grilled cheese panini for lunch – yesterday was legs for strength, I made burgers with a tiny bit of mustard for dinner, and I ended up with nearly 18,000 steps yesterday – woop!

We have another super cold day today, before finally warming up to the 30s tomorrow.  Cannot wait!   Off to jump in the shower – Hannah is working this morning so I am going to drive by her coffee place and pick up breakfast there this morning.  Keep warm!  Hugs!