I have to admit that the drive to Rochester isn’t too bad.  Once we get through the bullshit construction on I-90, it was pretty smooth sailing.  Although Tony had me drive the whole way.  Which is good and bad.  Good in that I know he can just sit back and relax, but bad, because I can see that he cringes pretty much the whole time I drive, so I am not sure that is very relaxing for him!

I just always think “I got us there in one place!”  But as I was driving I couldn’t help but feel sad that I couldn’t get all these gorgeous cloud/farm pictures to share with you guys!

We actually got there about 30 minutes ahead of Tony’s first appointment which was at 1:30.  When we stopped for gas I fixed myself a sandwich with stuff I had packed in our cooler.  I asked Tony if he wanted anything, and he said “I am not sure I shouldn’t be fasting before this test.”  Good call!  Sure enough, he did need to be fasting, and had he eaten anything we probably wouldn’t have been able to have the test done until today.  These buildings may be part of Mayo, but they look cool across the street from where our test was.


I couldn’t go with Tony to this test, so once he was wheeled away and I knew it was going to be a couple hours, I headed down and got a sugar free vanilla iced coffee – hit the spot!

After his tests we finally back to the hotel around 6.  Only one slight snafu about the food that I brought to warm up and heat.  Turns out because the test was down his esophagus, they said that he wouldn’t be able to eat any hot food last night.  I brought chicken noodle soup and Cincinnati chili mac.  So after we checked in, I got Tony settled and we ordered a pizza.  I figured it hardly ever comes totally hot, and he could eat it at room temperature.

It’s funny because the hotel elevator has a poster of the recipe contest I am a finalist in.  I figured I should take a selfie of myself with Sunny Anderson.  You know, to get used to the idea of me standing next to her during the cook-off!  And I typed the wrong date – starting next July 28 is when the voting starts, so once the link is active, I’ll let you guys know.


Um, turns out it was a good thing we ordered pizza because our room cupboards were empty!  Although the front desk person told us that they are in the process of stocking out the rooms more than we are used to, and that as a result, you could have everything or nothing.  We had nothing!


Tony asked for a pizza recommendation, and she mentioned a place called Toppers.  I should have realized that we were asking pizza advise from a mid 20 something woman.  Our kids to this day still love Domino’s pizza.  Gah.  And I need to preface that my daughter LOVES onions.  I don’t know where I went wrong with that child.


Yup.  We ordered a LARGE thin crust pizza.  They offered nearly a dozen “dipping sauces” for the crust to dip into – and once they got the chipotle ranch I said “yes please.”  But since this was thin crust, there really wasn’t much crust, and when I opened the box this is what the pizza looked like.   Not sure that looks like $16 worth of a large pizza, but we were both so hungry it didn’t matter, we ate most of it.  And because the dipping sauce was on the box of pizza, that was in the warming bag, it was warm.  Just ew.

So Tony has to have yet another test to make it conclusive on what the game plan is.  Sadly, he takes blood thinners for this artificial heart valve, so we probably can’t have that test done until Friday or what we think is next Monday at the earliest.  So we are headed back home today so that I can go back to work to save some of the days when I actually need them.  I can’t remember the last time I personally drove 600 miles in two days!  But, whatever it takes to get Tony better, I will do – no question.

THANK YOU for your continued support, prayers, hugs, emails, Instagram messages, etc.  It totally keeps me going!  Now off to hit the road again.   Make it a great day!Open-mouthed smile