I should have known my work day was going to be busy when my boss called me on a Sunday to see if I could come in early on Monday.  No problem!  My only problem was that I really didn’t think it through and had a breakfast that took a little bit of time to put together.  Luckily I grabbed a handful of granola and ate that in the car with a cup of coffee.  I didn’t end up putting my breakfast nachos together until nearly 9:30!

Our store sells blue corn tortillas – 3 dozen of them for only $1.99.  I cut them in quarters and deep fry them, then sprinkle with a bit of garlic salt when the come out.  Since our deep fryer holds the right temp, and I have really fresh oil, these are not oily or greasy at all.  So crispy good.  I just cooked 1/2 a cup of egg whites in a skillet with the lid on.  When I got to work, I cut the egg whites into 8 pieces, then topped the chips with the egg whites, then Cabot extra sharp cheddar, and put that under the toaster oven under broil for 5 minutes.  Then finished it off with chopped red cabbage, diced tomato and cilantro.  Oh, and hot sauce.  Duh.  This plate comes in at 313 calories and 23 grams of protein!

7.7 002

Yesterday began Week 5 of 12 of my weight training!  I am seeing some improvements.  A few weeks ago I wasn’t able to do the assisted dips at all – my shoulders were just too tight and I couldn’t do it.  Yesterday I did though – 15 reps and 3 sets – bam!  Finished off with a 1.75 run.

PicMonkey Collage - workout

So this weekend was Operation Clean Out Fridge/Pantry/Freezer.   We have two refrigerators, and sometimes things get lost in the downstairs fridge.  I found a bag of two big heads of broccoli.  In my pantry I found one lone sweet potato.  I had a can of light coconut milk.  Hmmm.   I haven’t figured out the calories yet, but I’ll update that shortly.  This is 4 generous servings (1.5 cups).  Each serving:  201 calories, 10 fat, 22 carbs, 6.0 fiber and 7.6 protein – a whopping 213% of your daily Vitamin C and 191% of your daily Vitamin A!


That was the picture I put on Instagram.

broccoli sweet potato soup 005

I had leftover cilantro from my breakfast nachos, and really liked the addition of it to the soup – I gave one of my co-workers a taste of this soup and he basically said it was amazeballs.  Well, not in so many words, but he said it was fricken awesome.  I just like the word amazeballs.  But seriously, this soup packed some serious flavor.

7.7 003

On the way back from the gym I picked up lunch for my boss, so I picked up a salad for me on her dime – she buys I fly!  I was glad because I wasn’t sure that soup alone was going to be filling enough all by itself.

7.7 047

A couple weeks ago I got a care package from Red Gold Tomatoes – and how you can incorporate tomatoes into your grilling season.  You know I loves me some pizza, so I decided to make an Italian sausage pizza sauce to go on top of my burger.  I’ll post that recipe later this week because I am also using that sauce in stuffed zucchini boats and a grilled pizza.  And I am kind of running out of time this morning because it was too hot to bake last night, so I baked blueberry scones this morning – omg, if you follow me on Instagram (mybizzykitchen) you’ll see a picture of them soon – they look so good!

7.7 050

I used the basil, garlic and oregano tomatoes as the base of my sauce.

7.7 053

7.7 061

Not only did I get to work early, but I worked late too.  I didn’t get home until 6:30, hung out with Tony outside until 7, so there were no sides to dinner at all – but this burger was super filling!  The fresh mozzarella cheese on top was a winner too.

7.7 003

I never even put my fitbit on again after I changed clothes last night – so not too shabby on the mileage!  Alright, time to get my stuff together – hopefully today will be a little less hectic at work!  Make it a great day!