Yesterday as I headed out the door to squeeze in a quick 30 minute walk before work, it was overcast, misty, foggy and 60 degrees.  Did I mention it was also exhilarating too?!

6.26 004

6.26 007

And thanks Kim for cheering me on during my walk! Open-mouthed smile

6.26 005

By the time I got back home to get ready for work, I already had 4000 steps – nice!  Breakfast was another egg McMuffin maker – egg white/spinach/cheese/high fiber English muffin.  How the hell did that hot sauce get on there?!   I never did end up eating the apple.

6.26 005

Just ended up keeping my head down at work, and before I knew it, it was time to get bizzy at the gym.  Yesterday was shoulders, and again, new to me exercises.  I have never done lateral arm raises on a Smith Machine before.

6.26 008

Strength took me about 35 minutes, and then I finished off with a mile run.

6.26 010

6.26 009

So although I am a Pinterest whore, I have really become an Instagram whore too.  So many people to follow!  My following is quite eclectic, which I like, you never know what you are going to see.  Last week I saw this cucumber “sushi” dish and it looked really good.   I was inspired by this recipe, but I knew I wanted to switch a couple things up.  First, while I like that she cut her cucumber slices thin and then used a toothpick to keep it together before stuffing, I realized that I wanted a more “finger food” approach, so I cut thick slices of an English cucumber and hollowed it out a bit with a melon baller, leaving a little bit of the bottom so I wouldn’t lose any of the filling.   I also wanted a creamier filling, so enter in Chobani greek yogurt and sriracha!


6.26 012

6.26 013

6.26 019

6.26 011

Can I just say yum?!  While these were messy to eat (I ended up eating off the shrimp first) the flavors were so good – a little bit sweet from the fake crab, yet spicy with the jalapeno and the sour cream sriracha mixture was amazeballs.  On the side was a veggie egg roll I made over the weekend over a bit of spinach white rice.  This lunch was so filling.  #winning!

I also am going to be putting a logo on my Instagram pics – do you think that it is obnoxious?

6.26 016

I was actually busy at work yesterday afternoon so it went by really quick.  I just can’t wait to see 5:00 on the clock to get the hockey puck out of there.  Tony and I sat outside for a good hour – it was so nice out!  I didn’t have to do a thing because Tony made dinner.  A cold pasta salad – tri colored cheese tortellini, with carrots, celery, artichoke hearts, Parmesan cheese and some Newman’s Own light balsamic dressing – I did add a bit of chopped giardiniera to mine, but this was delicious – thanks honey!

6.26 030

And I had a guest for dinner!  Although he didn’t stay long!

6.26 031

6.26 022

Thanks to my walk before work, I had no problem meeting my 10,000 step goal – nice!  I am actually taking it easy this morning – my back and shoulders are a bit sore this morning after the last couple of strength workouts, so I am a bit slow going today.  But I have arms on tap for my lunch workout Open-mouthed smile

Off to get myself a cup of coffee and do some blog reading – happy Friday – make it a great day!