After hitting “publish” on my blog post yesterday, I realized I had 45 minutes before my eye doctor opened to call to make an appointment, so instead of farting around on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, I got my walking shoes on and headed out the door.  We had rainy/stormy weather predicted but I beat the rain – it was a glorious overcast 72 degrees – perfect!

6.18 001

I walked our neighborhood for 40 minutes, hitting just over 5000 steps before 9 am!  Some of the streets are very hilly – Lisa F. this picture of the ski jump is for you!

6.18 005

6.18 007

The hills actually helped my sore leg muscles after my workout on Tuesday.  Still a bit sore today too – gah, I am old!   When I got back I was able to get into the eye doctor by 9:45 – nice!  I heated up a quick breakfast – one buttermilk pancake and a leftover breakfast sausage muffin.  I have to apologize for my photography from yesterday – my glasses are 14 years old, and while my eyes have changed over the years, my glasses aren’t up to par – I seriously thought most of these pictures were in focus!

6.18 022

6.18 017


The eye doctor said I had a viral infection in both eyes.  I told her I was confused because I wear daily contacts that I throw out at the end of each day.  She said I could have picked it up from the cart at a grocery store or on a piece of equipment at the gym.  While I wipe down my machine when I am done with it, it never dawned on me to clean it before I started!  I have antibiotic drops I’ll take 4 times a day for the next 7 days.  Just one more day wearing my glasses and tomorrow I can put my contacts in again. 

I came home, said hello to Tony, emptied the dishwasher, made my lunch and headed out to get my prescription filled.  While I was waiting for that, I got my oil changed on my car – so I was pretty productive!  I ended up taking a half day and got to work at noon.  I didn’t have to start until 12:30, but there wasn’t enough time to change, go to the gym to do my strength and get back to work by 12:30 – good thing for my morning walk!

I ended up making a chicken and veggie stir fry with whole wheat noodles.  This was so filling, I only ate about 2/3 of it.

6.18 008

You all know that I love our deep fryer.  It holds the temperature really well and nothing tastes greasy – well, until the oil gets old.  I’ve needed to replace the oil in our fryer for a while, which is why I haven’t used it in a while.  While Tony filled up my car with gas at Sam’s Club last week, I ran in to get oil.  I was going to buy an 8 quart container of Wesson, that is until I looked right next to it and found this giant bottle of oil – 18.5 quarts and it was $21!  Duh!

6.18 011

I ended up making us chicken sandwiches and . . . wait for it, wait for it. . . BEER BATTERED ONION RINGS!  Yes, I know I’ll get shit for saying that, what with my aversion to onions – but onion rings are the exception to our rule.  But we are picky about our onion rings – they have to be super thin, the breading has to stay on.  My beer batter:  1 cup flour, 1/2 cup beer, pinch of salt, cracked pepper – that’s it.  I probably could have used half that amount as there was a substantial amount of batter leftover – I only fried up about 3/4 of one onion for the both of us.   I love that I got all the peanuts for the squirrels in the backdrop of this picture – ha!  I really should be a food stylist!

6.18 013

I didn’t get all my steps in, nor did I do my back exercises – but I plan on doing those over the weekend.  I can’t remember what’s on the strength menu today, so if it’s not too long, I may be able to knock both of them out.

6.18 016

So every once in a while Tony will leave me a note, a letter, etc. since I normally go to bed before him.  Yesterday morning he left me this note.  Mind you, we are having a battle with the central air.  Tony thinks that 83 is perfectly comfortable in our house, while I walk around with boob sweat at that temperature.   He does keep the central air on at night though so I can sleep without tossing and turning.  Tony also believes that he is going to die before me, because he couldn’t live without me.  He also thinks I have a hand in all his ailments he’s had since we’ve been married, because he says he felt fine before marrying me!

Dear Lizabeth:

It’s morning and by now you’re awake.  If you check the bed you will find a frozen mass that used to be your husband.  I hope your night was comfortable, mine was like a night in an unheated igloo.  I am writing this note to ask a favor.  During my funeral can I be displayed upright holding a beer to toast to the guests attending this saddest of events?

Also, I would like to be topless. Please ask the mortician to add some hair to my chest.  Oh yes, I would like to have a tattoo of my last book title “The Bitch Killed Me, She Really Killed Me.”  I would like to wear very short shorts with my “cheeks” exposed.

Please remove my liver and ship it to my colon cancer doctor with a note that says “Please use this in good health.”  I’m sure given a few weeks after my death, you will settle down with a guy named Troy, or Lucas.

Good-bye darling.  It was fun, right up until I died.