So while out at lunch buying wine, I didn’t bring a lunch today so I decided to stop by Subway.  They have mini-sub sandwiches that come in around 180 calories.  I get the ham and she literally puts two extremely thin slices on the bun and asks what toppings I want.  I ask “is that all the ham you put on there?” to which she replied: “you can get double the meat for $2 extra.” 

So I basically have a cucumber, pickle, lettuce and banana pepper sandwich with a hint of ham flavor.  So I also get a side of their bowl of soup – broccoli cheddar.  So I get back to my desk, open the soup and its STONE COLD!  Like out of the refrigerator cold!  I warmed it up but it is watery and the broccoli is crunchy.  Oh well, I have SUSHI to look forward to tonight!  Hannah and I are definitely getting the fried tofu again – it was so good!


But this kicked up my sandwich – its a mango, coconut habanero pepper sauce – only 20 calories a tablespoon!  I put a schmear on my sammie and its the perfect balance of sweet and spicy – I got it at The Fresh Market.


Okay, lunch break is officially over – see you after sushi!