This work week actually went by pretty fast.  It felt weird coming straight home from work last night and not heading to the restaurant.  Hopefully it will be busy tonight.

Friday’s tend to be “see what’s left in the fridge that you can use up” kind of meal plan.  I had leftover grilled flank steak, I had some French bread, and a breakfast panini idea was born.  Doesn’t everyone keep a panini maker at their office?!  I threw my container of egg beaters and a zucchini in my bag o food, then when I got to work, I poured just shy of 1/2 a cup of egg beaters in a bowl, shredded some zucchini into the egg beaters (and yes, I do keep a grater at work too – you never know when you’ll need it!) and the nuked the eggs for 1.5 minutes, or until they are not runny.  While the eggs cooked I heated up my panini maker on high for a few minutes.

I have 5 calorie a tablespoon butter at work and Pam – I smeared the butter on the INSIDE of my French bread – because it’s flat, I flipped the inside of the bread and made that the outside.  I put the scrambled egg/zucchini mixture on top, 1/2 an ounce of Cabot garlic and cheddar cheese (yep, got a food scale at work too!) and then 1.5 ounces of leftover steak on the bottom.  Cooked it on the panini for about 5 minutes.  Bam.


That plate comes in at 420 calories, 9 grams of fat, 42 carbs, 2.3 fiber and 39 grams of fiber.  This was so filling.  And I have to tell you – the best way to clean a panini is to wet a paper towel and when you unplug the maker and its still hot, press the wet paper towel on the panini maker and it gets all steamy, but it cleans the press at the same time.  Once it cools, you just wipe it down and you are good to go.  Only one slight problem.  The whole office could smell my delicious panini FOR HOURS!  Hey, there are worse things to smell in an office. Open-mouthed smile

On tap for my strength from Bite Size Fitness was shoulders.  I found her YouTube videos, so I watched carefully before hitting the gym.  Here is the video for yesterdays workout.  I did my normal 1 mile walk before and after, and even though I was at the copier for a couple hours at work yesterday and I didn’t work at the restaurant, I still got my steps in:


Lunch was leftover ground beef taco meat over 1.2 serving size of tortilla chips, with Cabot cheese, red and green cabbage with tons of hot sauce.  Yum!


I went to Mariano’s on my way back from the gym to get a few things they had on sale – angel food cake for Sunday – that’s one of Tony’s favorite desserts – layered angel food cake, pudding with fresh fruit.


I picked him up some Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers.  When I came home and gave them to him, he said “well I bought you stuff too!”  Spicy triscuits and Annie’s Green Goddess dressing – my favorite one and the hardest one to find.  I may need to hit up Big Lots and buy every one!


Tony had suggested I get pizza for dinner and he would get a salad.  Although when he was looking at the menu, the salads didn’t really jump out at him, so I got him a salad at the salad bar from Mariano’s.  He ordered my pizza and onion rings for himself and I picked it up on the way home.  This place by us has 8 inch personal thin crust pizzas – up to 3 ingredients for $7.   I got sausage, sauteed spinach and giardiniera.  I ate the whole thing!



We ended up watching Super 8.  We tried to see it in the theater a few years ago, but not even half way through the movie they stopped it because there were tornado warnings.  I thought it was just okay – it kind of reminded me of a cross between Jurassic Park and Goonies!  It didn’t matter, it was nice to be home on a Friday night!

I am a day behind on my strength training, so today I have to do that at home with weights, and I never did the abs for the week (have to do that routine x2 – so today and tomorrow it is!) and I hope to get out for a walk sometime before I have to leave for work – it’s sunny and 64 degrees – love it!

Hope you have a great weekend!  See you on Monday! Open-mouthed smile