Thanks for all the well wishes for Tony yesterday!  We appreciate it!  And from your lips to God’s ear that we are done with hospitals for a while!

I had so much time yesterday before going to my dr. appt that when it got time to leave I never made anything for my breakfast!  I seriously considered hitting up McDonald’s, but realized that I could pit a McMuffin together in less than 5 minutes, so that’s what I made.  I used low sodium roast beef, and I have to tell you, with the reduced salt the meat tastes beefier to me.  I ate it in the car on the way to the doctor.

ANS 003

My foot doctor appointment lasted all of about 8 minutes.  He said my toe looks great, and to check back with him in a couple months if I get another ingrown toe nail – I guess there is a procedure they can do that would permanently prevent ingrown toenails from even forming – huh!

Work was buys right off the bat, so before I knew it, it was time to workout.  Even though my gym bag was packed I decided it was so nice out I should take advantage of the weather and walk.

ANS 006

I walked for 40 minutes, and sure enough managed to burn my shoulders and back of my neck – dammit!  I have new sunscreen in my bag now.  Damn sensitive skin!

So while Tony is in the hospital, I become the sleep whisperer – he just feels comfortable to sleep knowing I am there.  When I went home over the weekend to clean the fridge and freezer, I found that I had THREE bags of edamame!  So while he slept, I searched for recipes using edamame.  I found a recipe on Foodnetwork, but rewrote it to make it one serving.


At work I just heated it up in my container, and garnished with the cilantro.  This was remarkably spicy flavorful.  The mushroom soy just adds another layer of earthy flavor.

ANS 022

ANS 020

This whole bowl comes in at 454 calories, 11 fat, 52 carbs, 7 fiber and 35 whopping grams of protein.  It also provides 214% of your daily Vitamin A, 70% of your Vitamin C, 32% of calcium and 27% of your daily Iron.

You can see the edamame sank to the bottom of the dish – I puffy heart this broth.

ANS 009

And Tony’s liver decided to speak up yesterday afternoon.  That is one mean liver!!

ANS 010

I had every intention of grilling shrimp and octopus last night, but it got stormy!  When I left my office it was 89 degrees – in 30 minutes the temperature dropped to 64!

ANS 012

So Plan B.  Salads – Tony had his without steak, and yes, I have learned through Tony to love my steak black and blue.

ANS 028

After dinner Fitbit sent me this message:

ANS 013

A few trips up and down the stairs finishing up the laundry did the trick!

ANS 006

When I was walking I heard this song for the first time and loved it!

I have been beating myself up for eating at home while Tony was in the hospital, but I realize I am only human, and I can get back at it.  Make it a great day!