Morning!  Yesterday was a long day – I spent all of my work day at a storage unit going through old files – what we thought might have been a 3-4 hour project quickly turned into a six hour project.  I was on my feet all day.

My nosh:  Breakfast – homemade McMuffin

panera 003

Once we determined that we would definitely be working through lunch, I did a lunch run to Panera – if I read the sign right I think this Mediterranean flatbread wrap comes in at 350 calories – it was really good!

panera 006I saw that they had hibiscus tea, bought thought for sure it would be sweetened – Hannah told me it isn’t so next time I’ll get that, but their brewed tea is outstanding.

panera 007 

Since I didn’t eat lunch until nearly 3:45, I wasn’t hungry for dinner, and neither was Tony.  I finally made myself a tiny pizza bread on pita.

panera 010

I am taking a bit of a blogging break this holiday weekend.  So I want to wish everyone a wonderful long weekend – hope you get to spend lots of time with family, friends and food!

See you on Tuesday – hugs – make it a great day!