I somehow have the task at my office to go to our off site storage unit to pick up old files people are looking for.  No big usually.  Except yesterday was 41 degrees.  Rainy.  Still no big deal.  Until I got to the unit and realized that the roof just slopes forward towards the front door of the storage unit.  Um, there are no gutters on the roof so the water is literally pouring down like a shower on top of me.  Still not a big deal, I’ll open it up, jump inside, get the file I need and get the hockey puck out of there.

Nope.  That didn’t happen.  One of the boxes fell forward so that it prevented me from opening the storage unit door.  So I need to lean in and pull up the door while pounding the door inside to push the box out of the way so the door can open up all the way.  I was getting soaked!  Once I did get it open, I’ve realized that a few boxes have toppled over, papers all over the ground.  It took me a good five minutes to get into the unit, another 10 minutes for clean up and another 10 minutes of climbing around boxes until I found the one I needed.

By the time I got back into the car I was soaked and pissed!  I don’t get mad very often, but when I do – watch out!  I then had to do a Sam’s Club run for the office and Tony texted me that he enjoyed our morning kiss.  Um, we didn’t have one because he was still asleep.  I told him what had happened via text about being soaked.  My last words were: “I am not happy.”  He replied “I’m glad I am not near you!”  It was at that moment that I was like “fuq it” I’ll just drive through McDonald’s and get a sausage McMuffin with Egg and TWO hash browns.  Yep, you read that right – TWO!

But I didn’t.  Even though I wanted to eat all the food, I had already had breakfast before I left the house.  I had a baked potato in the fridge, so I cut that in half, cooked that with some deli ham, spinach and an egg, stuffed it back into the half of potato shell and topped it with a slice of American cheese and put that under the toaster oven broiler.  I almost burned it!

tbreast 021

My blood sugar before working out was 177.  Not too bad – I would have liked it a little higher, but I ended up walking 2.25 miles in just over 30 minutes.

tbreast 006

And I wore my sriracha shirt!  Thanks again for the shirt Hannah!

tbreast 009

Yep, lunch was more BBQ chicken and bean tostadas – I love that this made three servings!  And it’s a great way to stretch out your meat budget with all the beans. 

tbreast 028

If you like a spicy salsa for tacos, tostados or burritos – try to find this – its super flavorful spicy:

tbreast 027

tbreast 031

What’s not to love about those??!!  I think if I threw a fried egg on top of that, I could call it breakfast!  Speaking of breakfast, when I was at Sam’s Club I was looking at the sodium content of their cereals – didn’t know frosted mini-wheat has absolutely no sodium!

tbreast 004

When I got home from work – I was greeted with a package from Cabot Cheese!   I got a canvas grocery bag, a wine opener, and CHEESE!  OMG, everything bagel cheese??!!  I am so in!

tbreast 013

We ended up grilling a turkey breast outside – I am the queen of using too many coals typically.  Last night?  Not enough!  So I ended up finishing up our turkey breast on the gas grill.  Um, we may have eaten at 8:00!  And it was cold – 48 degrees while sitting outside.  Tony’s parents sent him some cigars, the cool weather wasn’t going to stop him!

tbreast 015

tbreast 002

I was so spent from my day that I never even worked out last night.  And I had a couple glasses of wine.  Oh well – but hey, check out how many steps I got in!  The most ever on a non-double work day!

tbreast 003

This morning?  It’s snowing.  Not kidding.  It’s May 16 and it’s snowing.

tbreast 004

Next week we’ll probably have temps in the 90s!  Such crazy weather.

Hey, do me a favor today.  My blog friend Kim was trying to do an Ultra run over the weekend – running 50 miles!  I know, it’s crazy!  Well, this was her second attempt.  The weather was in the mid 80s and after 33 miles she had to stop because she was dizzy, dehydrated, etc.   She’s considered it a failure – I told her that hey, you still ran 33 miles which is an achievement in and of itself, but most importantly she stopped because her body was telling her to – better to be safe then dead!  If you could just stop by and leave her a comment, I would appreciate it.

Alright, time to get this show on the road.  I need to iron my shirt – working a double today, but at least tonight I am in the dining room.  Tomorrow night I am working the bar, so that will be a late night.  Big bucks, no whammies!  Make it a great day!