I’d like to petition offices to start at noon on Monday’s please.  Would you sign it so we are all in agreement?  Thanks!

Saturday night was a long night at the bar.  I got there at 5:00 but because our weather was actually nice for a change, I didn’t get my first table until nearly 6:30.  When I left the house, Tony was outside smoking a cigar and it was really hard to leave.  We’ve been waiting so long to sit outside!  I put this picture on Instagram and a couple of you thought he looked like Mr. Big from Sex in the City.  Tony had to look that up!

4.6 006

One of our special appetizers, which given a chance, I could probably eat the whole thing myself.  A giant soft pretzel pizza with marinara dipping sauce – yum!

4.6 008

The place was rocking – we actually have a band that plays that has two of the original singers from The Drifters!  They are amazing.  They sing everything from old standards, to country music, to Nat King Cole.

4.6 009

It was a long night and LOTS of walking.  I’ve reached a new fit bit record!

4.6 0104.6 011

My fit bit flipped over at midnight, so the second 1700 was from midnight until 12:45 when I left.  I got home at 1:15 and we went to bed at 2:00 a.m.   Surprisingly I woke up at 9:30 wide awake and rested!  And even had the energy to make biscuits from scratch.   Well, the real reason I had biscuits on my brain was because I saw that I had Pioneer sausage gravy mix in my pantry and a light bulb went off in my head.

But these biscuits cold not be easier.  All of 3-4 minutes to mix together and then they bake in 10 minutes at 475 degrees  – how easy is that?


4.6 020

4.6 037

4.6 042

I really had a ton of things I wanted to get done yesterday.  Make more granola bars, pack my gym bag, laundry, make stock for my pho soup.  I ended up only making the stock because I decided to take it easy.  It started with sitting outside with the Sunday paper.  Next up?  Well, isn’t Sunday the best day for a Bloody Mary?

4.6 056

4.6 057

With celery and one of my grilled pickles from last summer that is died in green food coloring to look like Chicago style relish on hot dogs.  So flipping good!   It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Tony and I decided to cook up the second half of our $60 brisket.   I defrosted it the night before, and we just put a dry rub on it.  Our thought was to smoke it using our Weber grill.  We had hickory chunks of wood soaking overnight.  Tony put coals on either side of the bbq, then placed the hickory chunks on each side and the roast went in the middle.  He used one of our meat thermometers in the top of the lid of the Weber to control the temperature.  It started out a bit hot, but he got it down to about 230 degrees.  We put it on about 2:30 in the afternoon and by 5:00 it was done.  We ate breakfast at 11:00, so were like senior citizens eating at the early bird special time!

4.6 043

We cook most of our meat like this, whether it’s a whole chicken, ribs, roasts, etc.  The fat drips into the cast iron skillet and doesn’t effect the coals at all.  I let it rest 15 minutes once it came off the grill.

4.6 051

4.6 054

Probably the best roast we’ve ever done on the grill.  The meat was slightly smokey, so tender with just the right amount of fat.  Great job Tony!

So last week I never even showed my WI because it was exactly the same – 163.8.  Well, this week?  I don’t know why it says six days – I weigh in every Monday.  So basically I maintained again this week.

4.6 002

But I am back at the gym this week – the renovation was completed yesterday, I am curious to see what the changes are.

So now I have 45 minutes before I have to leave for work – need to pack my gym bag and get my food together for the day.  How was your weekend?  Did it go by in a flash like mine did?

Make it a great day!