The weather put a damper on customers at the restaurant Saturday night.  We had temps in the single digits and more snow was predicted.  I think it snowed about 4 inches during my 5 hour shift!  I made $125 after tipping out, so while it wasn’t as great as I normally do – its groceries for half the month and gas, so that’s not bad.  I just have dreams of grilling and sitting outside, and I don’t see that happening in the near future.

excuses 044

And my step-son likes to let us know that the weather in Austin is just a bit better than Chicago.

excuses 005

Tony and I slept in until 10:30 yesterday morning!  I love that I can still sleep like a teenager in my mid 40s.  I finally got up, got some coffee, did our meal plan and we headed out to lunch.  There is a Mexican restaurant near our grocery store that’s changed owners, and they have the best tacos – I haven’t been ambitious enough to try the tongue tacos, but I get the pork tacos nearly every time.  The meat is perfect, it’s seasoned so well and it has these charred and crispy parts on the meat – they must cook it on a flat top grill.  But what is amazing, and I need to figure out how they make it, is this salsa.

excuses 009

It’s creamy and super spicy while being super flavorful.  Did I mention their tacos are only $1.79 each?  I love all the cilantro too!

excuses 011

So our server was talking about their fresh squeezed lime margaritas, and even though it was 7 degrees outside, I ordered one.  I can’t even remember the last time I had one!  It was really good!

excuses 010

While I totally wanted to take a nap yesterday afternoon, I was productive.  I nearly finished all our laundry, and made some blueberry pancakes for breakfasts this week and made some mini stuffed peppers for my lunch today.  I ended up making a corned beef brisket.  It was okay, but I could have cooked it longer, as it was a bit tough.  I had a giant serving of sauerkraut on the bottom with potatoes and cooked carrots.  And dijon mustard for dipping!

excuses 016

excuses 018

So I have been completely lacking in the exercise department lately, and I need to kick it up a notch.  My goal is 60 minutes a day of exercise, no matter what it is.  Walking before work (ha! whenever the snow melts!), doing T-25 at lunch, swimming, etc.  I’ve kind of blamed working two jobs as an excuse to take it easy, but that’s bullshit.  I normally work a 5 hour shift, and even with the 90 minute round trip commute, that’s only 13 hours a weekend that I work.  I need to quit whining and get back to basics.

It’s been a LONG time since I stepped on the scale, so I had to face the music this morning.  And I love how one of my socks is inside out.  Klassy!

excuses 046

excuses 021

Wow, 60 days since I jumped on the Zero scale!  I know how that gain happened too.  Not enough exercise, eating late at night when I come home from work, and drinking wine.  Time to pull up my big girl pants and get to work.  I worked too hard from June to December last year to end up at 176 again.   Just do it.

Alright, I have to share this with you.  Sorry I have no video editing skills, but my Mom put all my VHS videos on DVD for a Christmas gift this year.  I was so happy because every year on Hannah’s birthday I watch the tape where she is born on her birthday.  It’s my tradition.  On her 20th birthday, the tape almost got stuck in the VCR so I hadn’t seen it in a couple years.  At the end of this week Hannah will be 22!  I cannot believe how fast those 22 years went.

So I put part of my tapes on youtube – this IS LONG.  You obviously don’t have to watch the whole thing, but if you want to jump to minute 8:00 or so – it’s my favorite part – my sister wants to call our best friends and my parents tell my sister no.  The look on her face is priceless, and if I remember correctly, Jennifer called them right after dinner anyway to let them know I was having a baby.  It starts out with my baby shower.  It was March 1, 1992 and it was 70 degrees and gorgeous.  She was born on March 7, we came home from the hospital on March 11 – to three inches of snow.  New readers can read the whole story about how Hannah came into the world here.  I know the screen looks blank, just click on it to see the video.

Time to pack my gym bag – Happy Monday – make it a great day!