So since my friends and I have committed to doing Jillian’s 30-day shred, I decided I was only going to weigh myself on April 1st (which I did last night) and take my measurements, and not weigh or measure myself until May 1st.

I am sure at some point or another, everyone has had a weight loss journal.  I have had a few!   But this particular one started the day I started taking insulin – September 6, 2006:

nice goals - right??!!
nice goals - right??!!
um, turns out I have measured myself a few times since then!
um, turns out I have measured myself a few times since then!

 But last night was the first time I did the math from THEN until NOW.  Pretty big eye opener!   

Before Insulin

2.5 Years After Insulin – TODAY

Weight: 145

Weight: 167

Body Fat Percentage: 27%

Body Fat Percentage: 41%

Chest: 39”

Chest: 41”

Waist: 36”

Waist: 40”

Hips: 38”

Hips: 42”

Thigh: 22”

Thigh: 24”

Bicep: 11 ¼”

Bicep: 12.5”

Gained: 22 pounds

Gained: 13.5 inches!

My highest weight was back in 1999 when I weighed in at 210 pounds.  Turns out that doesn’t look too good on someone who is only 5’2″!   So at least I can say I’ve “caught” myself before the scale creeps back up!

Now I guess I can blame part of my weight gain to insulin – my magic little friend that lets me eat ANYTHING I want!   And I am over 40 now (only 41) so I know losing weight will be slower this go round. 

But because I CAN eat whatever I want,  as long as I know how many carbs it has, it is very easy to eat that extra piece of pizza, order bacon and cheddar cheese on my fries because it was only .99 cents extra (okay, I was on vacation last summer when that happened!). 

But for whatever reason, seeing those stats has flipped the Switch  as my brother so eloquently puts it in this post.   And for the first time I feel that I am doing this for ME and not to fit into a dress to go to a wedding, or for my husband, who thankfully, loves me no matter what

But what kind of roll model am I to my daughter if one week I am gung ho about working out, only to say the next week “you know we really should go to Friday’s and get those fried green beans, I mean, it counts as a veggie, right?

But my main nemesis which rarely gets featured (or pictured!) on this blog is my wine.   I am not a wine snob by any means, I have bought two buck chuck at Trader Joe’s and usually am partial to box wines, because you really can’t tell how much you are actually drinking, right?

The problem is that I’ll pour myself a glass while making dinner, have another one with dinner, maybe do a few loads of laundry and grab another.  It’s just delicious empty calories.

So while I am not going to say “I am not going to have wine the whole month of April”  I am saying that I am going to be more mindful.  And last night I did just that – I drank water while making dinner, had water with dinner and made hot tea while Tony and I watched t.v. last night.

And I believe I will banish the boxed wines for a while too  – while ecomonical, you just can’t see how much you are actually drinking.  So I will actually take a picture when I have a glass, just to keep me accountable!

I haven’t had lunch yet, but this is the only time I can post, so lunch pics will be with dinner tonight.  Come back tonight for Crockpot Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots and Low Fat Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits!