Happy New Years Day all!   We had planned to do fondue closer to midnight, but we were still full from dinner!  Hannah and I did manage to polish of a whole wedge of baked brie though!

Here’s my new whisk, tenderizing the meat!  I had no idea that his body moved!


Here’s how it looks when done.  I had my heat on medium high – seared first side for 5 minutes, second flip for 4 minutes and then two minutes on each side for the grill marks.  It was perfectly medium rare!  I put a tablespoon of butter on top and then wrapped it in foil to rest while I seared the tuna.


I like my tuna a little more well done – Tony likes his pretty rare!  I seared his for only 2 minutes a side, and then threw mine on for a minute more each side – SO GOOD!

Tony’s Plate:

nice and rare!
nice and rare!

My plate:


The baked brie doesn’t look pretty, but it was oh so good!



Not sure what is in store for today.  The usual laundry that never ends!  I also plan on making homemade ricotta cheese this weekend for a stuffed shells dish! 

It’s also time to take down the decorations.  Goodbye snowmen!