I’ve been joking lately that I really need to get another dog the way I take care of the squirrels in our yard is if they were our pets.  I had to look back on the blog to see when it actually happened, and it was a year ago this week that we put our dog Ed down.


I just can’t believe it’s been a whole year already!  Tony is still not close to getting another dog, but we might get a cat.  I grew up with cats.  We had a stray cat come to our house and my Dad named it Gus.  He would pamper that cat like nothing else – feed it table scraps in a pyrex dish.  The only thing was it wasn’t our cat – we finally put a note on Gus to see where he would go when he was gone for days at a time, and the owners called my parents.  After not seeing Gus for a couple weeks, the owners called us to see if we had the cat.  Nope.  We later learned that the cat had been hit by a car.  My Dad swore NEVER to own another pet.  Until we went to Virginia on vacation and I can’t remember exactly if it was kittens at one of the properties my Aunt and Uncle owned, or if they got the kitten at a shelter, all I know is that my Mom brought the kitten to my Dad and he said “I am not even going to look at that thing!”  Well, he was sitting down on a chair and my Mom just put the kitten on his shoulder.  We all walked out of the room and with seconds my Dad started saying “Now aren’t you the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen!”  Since it was a girl, it’s name was Gussie and my parents had that cat for years.

Tony had a cat when his son was born Pooh Bear, although the cat only liked Tony’s first wife and hated Tony.  But when my step-son was born, the cat stayed as far away from the baby as he could and would only venture up from the basement when Joe was asleep.  We’ll see – for now I guess I’ll keep making granola for the squirrels!

Yesterday was more . . . breakfast tacos!  So good.  This time I Pam/1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil so they were nice and crunchy.  3 extra thin mission tortillas, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 egg, baby spinach and 1 ounce of cheese, and after I reheated them in the toaster oven to crisp them back up, put some roasted pineapple salsa on them.  So good and only 350 calories for all three!

bike2.7 001

I ended up biking at the gym.  I ended up doing the bike for 8 miles.  I do random so it’s kind of like a hill climb – my goal is to keep the RPMs above 100, no matter how “steep” the hill.  I was pretty sweaty by the end!

bike2.7 014

I ended up having more of my leftover beef chili – no picture today because I got busy, so you can just go to this link for the recipe if you happen to have leftover beef roast.  I love the flavor of this chili!

You all know what a soup whore I am, and I came across a recipe for a low carb squash soupHelen, I thought you might like to check it out for your 2 week program you are on?  I think I am going to make it next week.  Maybe add some chipotle peppers or sriracha to kick it up?

Well, turns out you can’t have crab legs and shrimp every night of the week.  I picked up some cube steak over the weekend.  I think people call this “poor man’s steak” but I actually love cube steak.  My only downfall was that I cooked it a bit too long.  I put a couple baked potatoes in the oven before I left for work – just schmered with olive oil and salt and pepper, and had Tony put the oven on 400 at 5:00 to bake them by the time I got home from work.  Pretty sure you can’t have baked potatoes without bacon, right?

bike2.7 005

I ended up eating half of the cube steak, all of the potato and lo and behold – I see a vegetable on my plate!  I sauteed a small zucchini for my plate.

bike2.7 008

So I had a bag of my granola at my desk, leftover from my breakfast on Monday.  I wasn’t even THAT hungry, but I found myself digging into the bag all afternoon yesterday – wtf?!  I probably ate a cup of it without even realizing it.  And last night when I watched the Biggest Loser finale?  Ate pretzels – probably a cup of them too.  Just mindless eating – I need to get a handle on that – stat!  I included those extra bites in my totals.  And what I realized is that my stats for the day weren’t that bad.  I mean, the old days I would have probably had 1800 calories before dinner – Suzy-Q and Dr. Pepper snack on the train to work, Burger King sausage croissant and cheezy tots for breakfast and one of my favorite places to eat when I worked downtown – Sbarro Pizza.  They had a giant slice of pepperoni pizza that was to die for – so that would have been a typical day for me – and already before dinner that adds up to 2150 calories and 98 grams of fat. 


So I am not going to sweat a cup of granola and a cup of pretzels – could have been a lot worse! 

Stats for the Day:

  • 1874 calories, 82 fat, 175 carbs, 105 protein and 28 fiber
  • 37% of calories from carbs, 39% from fat and 22% from protein
  • 8 mile bike ride at lunch
  • average blood sugars 123

Luckily we only got hit with another three inches of snow last night – off to brush off the cars and get this show on the road.  Make it a great day!

Question of the Day:  What would have been your typically food day look like when you didn’t care what you ate?