Tony and I tried to vote early on Saturday.  We walked up to our County polling venue, only to find out that it was a 2 1/2 hour wait!  Our local polling place is at a church basement a couple miles from the house.  I got up early this morning, figuring if there was too long of a line, I’d just have to try again after work.

I walked in at 6:15 a.m. and was back in my car at 6.18 a.m.  Winning!  And I got a sticker that said I Voted! Open-mouthed smile  I really can’t wait for today to be over because I am tired of my mailbox being 75% campaign ads, and the repeated annoying local politician commercials.

My 21 day challenge plan was to get my 4 mile runs done in the morning, before work.  Only one teeny tiny problem yesterday.  It took me 50 minutes to get to the gym, nearly 20 minutes longer than usual.  I thought, no problem, I’ll just run at lunch.

I did get a 9 mile bike ride while watching HGTV though.

9.1 bike

In the car I had a Carnation Instant Breakfast and ate that at my desk – I was busy right off the bat, so my cell phone stood in at breakfast.  Mixed with 1 cup of skim milk, this cup comes in at 231 calories, 1.4 fat, 34 carb s, 3.5 fiber and 15 protein.  I drank this around 9:00 a.m.


Around 10:30 I was hangry!  I had the last of my poblano potato quiche – this slice comes in at 226 calories, 12 fat, 12 carbs, 1.6 fiber and 15.9 protein.


I normally take my blood sugar around 11:15 to see where I am at.  If it’s too low I have time to have some fruit to bring it up.  I went to test it, and got an error message.  WTF?  I looked up the error code, and my battery was dead.  It takes a 3 volt battery. 

I can’t work out not knowing where I am at, so I had to hit up Walgreen’s before my workout.  When I got to the gym I tested it, it was 199 – I would have liked it to be over 200, but I figured I’d go as far as I could.

Um, who forgot to tell me that 4 miles is a long run?!  I don’t know how I thought I could finish walking/running 4 miles in my lunch hour.  And as luck would have it, my blood sugar was dropping and I only got in a 5k.


When I tested it when I got back in the locker room, it was 69.  I then started thinking that I might make this challenge a “5k a Day” with the hopes of running a 5k without stopping, and under 35:00 minutes.  I also realized when I was at the gym yesterday, that I never take advantage of their exercise classes.  So here is my revised “changed my mind” 21 day challenge!

21 Day Challenge

  • 5k a day
  • strength training 3x a week
  • 5 group classes
  • getting water in, even on the weekends
  • adding more fruits and veggies to my diet
  • keeping my carbs under 135 grams per day
  • no alcohol for 21 days
  • only fruits and veggie snacks after dinner

Guess what I had for lunch yesterday?   More lasagna soup!  Seriously, if you haven’t made this yet, please do.  It’s pure comfort in a bowl.  I didn’t make the cheezy mixture that Suzie does, but its still delicious.  And I scored at the discount meat rack and got a package of mild Italian sausage for 75% off.

I also didn’t have any lasagna noodles, so I cooked up 8 ounces of manicotti, and when they cooled, sliced them in rounds and added them to the soup.  354 calories, 15 fat, 34 carbs, 3.0 fiber and 17 protein.

21 002

While I was busy all day, right around 4:45 I thought I might have to work late.  I called Tony and he said “keep me in the loop.”  I called him at 5:15 – crises averted and I was on my way home.

Now here’s what is the problem with my kitchen.  Since I do 99.0% of the cooking, I pretty much know where everything is.  Except I hardly EVER put anything back in the same place twice.  Our kitchen is tiny, and I tend to just shove place things in the nearest cupboard.  It drives both Tony and Hannah nuts.

But Tony prevailed and dinner was ready by the time I got home.  Spicy pork chops with rosemary parmesan potatoes.  He told me that he didn’t use any oil in making the chops, just Pam, and added just a splash of olive oil to the potatoes – thanks Tony!  This was an 8 ounce chop, I ate 6 ounces of it.  My guess is dinner comes in at 399 calories, 8 fat, 34 carbs, 4 fiber and 42 protein.

21 006

Can you see how flippin juicy that chop is??  And Tony has learned over the years that just because I like spicy shit, it can’t JUST be spicy, it has to be what I like to call “flavorful” spicy.  He added just a touch of cayenne pepper to my chops – can you see the flecks of cayenne?  Perfectly spicy!  Devil   Thanks Tony!

21 007

Stats for the Day:

  • 1305 calories, 38 fat, 135 carbs, 12.8 fiber and 91 protein Pizza
  • 9.1 mile bike ride before work Bunny
  • 5k at lunch Turtle
  • no alcohol Martini glass

So all in all, not a bad Day 1 of this challenge!  

Since I am not going to the gym before work, I have time to cook up my Cincinnati chili for dinner tonight, and take the dog on a walk – I have a whole hour before I have to leave for work – love it!

I talked to Hannah last night and she had a great first day at work!  She has orientation for 4 hours on Thursday, then a dinner orientation on Sunday, then she’ll get her schedule.   She said everyone was really nice, and when she left she got to pick out a pastry, loaf of bread and a bagel to take home.

But she said the best part was that they get 65% off any food purchase AND she gets three free drinks during her shift – which knowing her, will all be coffee!   Coffee cup  So excited for her. Open-mouthed smile

Make it a great day!