Tony and I have looked at the weather forecast for the next 10 days and it doesn’t seem like we’ll see temps near 30 degrees anytime soon.   Luckily I had my warm hat from Shelley to keep me warm!

btacos2 001

btacos2 003

It actually matches my coat!  I’ve had that coat for over 15 years.  It’s an Eddie Bauer down coat and I bought it at a thrift store in Chicago one March when they were getting rid of their winter clothes and stocking for spring and summer.  Every winter item, no matter what it was, was .50!   It’s the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned.

Guess what I had for breakfast?  More breakfast tacos!   This time with the last piece of citrus from my PIL.  I try to ration out the oranges and grapefruit they give me, and that was the last one.  Still delish!

btacos2 009

So yesterday with my blood sugar being normal at lunch, I decided to take ONLY TWO units of insulin with breakfast.  When I woke up my blood sugar was 120, I took 2 units of insulin and when I checked it at 11:30 – it was only 124 – what the hell??!!  I contemplated what I could eat in order to work out, but then all of a sudden I got slammed with work and I didn’t even leave the building for lunch.  Around 1:30 I finally made my lunch – another flat out pizza – this time with pickled jalapenos!  I forgot I had those in the office fridge.

btacos2 014

Tony and I each have strong food memories from our childhood.  One meal my Mom made that was delicious was so simple.  She cooked up bacon, and laid it criss cross on a piece of white toast, then topped it with mozzarella cheese and put it under the broiler.  I have no recollection of a fruit or veggie side dish, but the outside of the bread would be crispy, the center was soft and the saltiness from the bacon and cheese was heaven to me.  She also made fried tacos that were always a hit.  And when we had steak and baked potatoes, our Dad would patiently “make” each one of our potatoes.  He would cut it in half, put butter and salt and pepper and would mash it around until the butter melted.  I also remember asking for the fat side of the steak and I could literally remember putting a piece of steak with the fat on it and leaving it on the side of my mouth to savor the deliciousness.

There are some dishes my MIL make that I will never make as good as her, and I am okay with it.  Banana bread for instance.  The first time I made banana bread for Tony I put chocolate chips in it and he thought I was crazy!  I still love the banana/chocolate chip combo, but quickly learned Tony is not a fan.  I have learned how to make her risotto – so I am happy about that one.

Split pea soup is one of Tony’s favorite soups.  His Mom made it with smoked ham hocks.  I couldn’t find smoked ham hocks, so I just found the meatiest ones I could find.   There is no true recipe for this one.  I talked to my MIL on the phone on Sunday, and she basically added broth to split pea, smoked ham hocks and covered it with enough broth to cover the hocks.  I added chopped carrots and potato.  I am not sure Tony was a fan of the addition of potatoes, but I loved it.  And after all was said and done, there wasn’t a whole lot of meat of the hocks.  I seasoned it simply with salt and pepper.  I of course chose to top mine with a bit of cheddar cheese and sriracha.  You know because everything is better with sriracha.

btacos2 026

I made Tony a salad on the side, while I made half a grilled roast beef and Swiss cheese grilled cheese on the side for me.

btacos2 023

I realized after dinner I’d only had just shy of 1050 calories, so I had a couple cups of cheese popcorn that Tony bought – that stuff is like crack! 

Stats for the Day:

  • 1275 calories, 46 fat, 136 carbs, 58 protein, 13 fiber
  • 45% of calories from carbs, 34% from fat, 19% from protein
  • no exercise
  • average blood sugar 102

Today I work a double day, but it won’t be too bad because I am taking a half day today.  My Mom has such a busy social calendar that Thursday and Friday’s are her only days that she has open.  We are going to be eating the most delicious burgers at The Assembly and then thrifting in the afternoon.  Then I will go straight to the restaurant to work tonight from there.  Right now it’s –4 degrees, so I am hoping it warms up a bit so we get some customers tonight!

I actually have time to make some pancakes this morning – whole wheat banana pecan pancakes as a matter of fact.  I have never used whole wheat pastry flour to make pancakes before – wish me luck!  Make it a great day!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite meal from childhood?