My plan was to make crunchy breakfast tacos, but after putting my lasagna soup together I looked up at the clock and had literally six minutes to get out the door.  And for the record, I made it!  So I threw my breakfast in a bag and put it together when I got to work.  It helps having a panini maker at the office!

Now you all know I loves me some hot sauce.  All kinds of hot sauces.  But, it has to be flavorful spicy, not knock my ass on the ground spicy – I’ve determined that any hot sauce with habanero sauce is just too spicy, or just maybe I haven’t found one that has the right balance.  If you want a cheap, dirty and delicious hot sauce, look no further than Crystal’s.  My store sells it for .99 cents a bottle – score!  The extra hot is my favorite.  Duh.

7.2 030

I ended up making breakfast quesadillas – two low carb wraps (each wrap has 80 calories and a whopping 13 grams of fiber!).  The filling is an ounce of leftover taco meat, 1/2 a cup of liquid egg whites, baby spinach and pepper jack cheese – oh, and 1/4 of an avocado smeared on the bottom.  With blueberries for dessert.  I love when blueberries are so sweet you can just eat them plain.

7.2 029

The beginning of the month is always busy at work, but with one secretary on vacation, it’s really busy.  Toss in a short work week, and for a second I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it out for my workout.  Seriously just over a month ago I would have skipped the workout without giving it an extra thought.  But not yesterday!  I didn’t leave for the gym until 1:30 – so you can see how that breakfast stuck with me for hours!

I am upping my weights this week – I used the 20 pound barbell for my exercises – have you ever done barbell shrugs before?  Me either.  I had to do 20 reps and 4 sets of them – boy could I feel that in my shoulders and back!   Then I finished with a 1.5 mile run before having to get back to work.

7.2 003

7.2 004

I have to admit though, by the time I got back, I was hungry!  So I heated up my lasagna soup, topped it with some chopped fresh basil, literally took one photo of it and dug in.  Not the best plating picture, but whatevs.

7.2 033

I know I’ve talked about this soup before, but if you do make it – cook the pasta separately, and just add it in to the soup as you reheat it – if you leave the noodles in the broth, the soak it all up and they get all soggy and gross.  You’re welcome.  I can’t believe I’ve been making this soup for nearly two years already!!

Tony told me the other day that he had a taste for onion rings.  So being the good wife that I am, I made chicken sandwiches with beer battered onion rings on the side.  I know you onion police out there will let us know that we must LOVE onions because we eat onion rings, but that is the one and only instance we will eat them.  There is an exception to every rule. Open-mouthed smile



Um, I may have tossed in a few beer battered jalapenos for the topping of my sammie – it’s green, and it’s a vegetable, so that counts, right?  Thanks to blog reader Lynne, we tried out some new spices!  Tony chose the Tuscan Sunset and I tried the Arizona Dreaming – we both loved them!

7.2 006

7.2 008

7.2 041

I actually hollowed out our French bread, and put it on the indoor grill pan to kind of crisp up – my chicken sammie also had jalapeno havarti cheese on it to kick it up a notch.  Now some readers will be saying “Biz, why do you eat fried food if you are trying to lose weight?”  Simple answer.  Balance.  I am basically an 80/20 person – 80% healthy and 20% whatever.  The reason being is that if I told myself I had to be 100%, and I ate a pizza of pizza, my mind would tell myself that I have no self control, you are a failure, you don’t deserve to be healthy, etc.  Weird mind shit like that.  BUT, the 80/20?  No guilt!  I know it will take me longer to reach my goal, but this is a livable, day to day plan that works not only for my mind but for my soul.  Hope that makes sense!

I had no problem getting my 10,000 step goal!

7.2 002

And I have a huge shout out for Kim!!  When I asked for suggestions on arm bands for iPhones, she emailed me and said she had one she hardly ever used and was happy to send it to me – thanks Kim!  Can’t wait to try it out!

7.2 003

And now, for your reading enjoyment, I give you Tony!  Take it away Tony!

As a supportive husband I read Biz’s blog daily. Some days yawn, yawn yawn. Oh a lady in Blahville lost ten pounds, or look a special needs little person climbed a ladder.

While all of that is what my wife considers “big news”, right in front of her is a miracle. Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t feel as though I am a deity. I just think sometimes what I do cannot be explained as human.

I have, above and beyond all odds befriended wild birds. “What’s that Tony?” I know what you are saying. I understand your inclination is to alert all of your area media outlets, but word will travel. The blog kept this one under wraps so allow me to tell you the story. When you tell your Grandchildren, they won’t believe it.

Many days I sit listening to various podcasts. From Doug Benson to many others. I wait for my loving wife to return home to me and begin the inappropriate touching that is our marriage.

I recently noticed that several varieties of bird seemed rather interested in my activities. You may remember I often carry nuts with me to fend off squirrel attacks. Several weeks ago I made a clicking sound to a giant Bluebird. The bird cocked its head and flew closer. I guess my instincts kicked in and I threw a peanut on the ground near the bird. Did the bird fly away afraid I was attempting to pelt him with rocks? No, the bird flew to the ground, picked up the nut and flew to a nearby bush.

I know, your mouth is agape. It only gets better! I had a very similar experience with a Cardinal. My gift does not follow color lines; all Gods birds are welcomed here.

If this continues I see me as far more than Doctor Oz, way better than Doctor Phil…say it with me. I am Doctor Dolittle!

Finally some real news for this snore fest of a blog.