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I put my lunch together this morning, read a couple blogs, snuggled with Tony and the dog – a nice relaxing morning!  It wasn’t until I started driving to work that I realized I didn’t make anything for breakfast!

So I decided to try Panera’s applewood bacon ciabatta breakfast sandwich.  I watched her make it, so I know that there was no butter or oil on the panini press – just Pam.   She wrapped it up and I was good to go.  My office is literally 5 minutes away, and when I unwrapped the sammie, the egg was stone cold!

Luckily we have a toaster oven, so I popped it in there for about 5 minutes at 400 degrees – so the bread got nice and crunchy!

The verdict?  It was delicious!  The saltiness of the bacon and the Vermont cheddar cheese was the perfect combo.  Cons?  The whole sandwich comes in at 510 calories, 24 grams of fat and 44 carbs – and 1020 mg of sodium!  That’s almost 1/2 the daily recommended amount!   I’ll have to drink lots of water today to make up for that!

This bread is REALLY good!
This bread is REALLY good!

I found a present at my desk this morning!   Turns out some of my co-workers know of my love of snowmen!  Thanks Kim!

I love the face!!  It's a coffee mug with a snowman top - so cute! :D
I love the face!! It's a coffee mug with a snowman top - so cute! 😀

It’s a gorgeous day outside – the temps are supposed to reach 80 degrees – hope it holds out over the weekend too!

Morning break is over – see you at lunch!