It was weird getting up so early yesterday and driving in the dark to get the equipment for the farmers market.  I packed my food in a small cooler lunch bag with an ice pack.  I wasn’t even sure I’d be hungry for breakfast when I got up, or later in the morning.  I was actually hungry!  I made a breakfast sandwich with my naan bread with egg whites, spinach, a bit of cheese and microwaved it for 30 seconds and ate it in the car ride to the shop.



By the time I got to the shop, the sun was starting to come up.  I was doing this market with another woman, who turned out to be my age, and we got along great.  Ironically she was at the NRA show but as a demonstrator selling veggie fries.



With two people, loading up the car and unpacking everything was a breeze.  I think we set everything up in about 10 minutes.  Makes me nervous for tomorrow because I am  doing one all by myself already – luckily the one on Sunday is with two other people.  We actually cook up some of the burgers using these portable stoves.  The woman I was with started making them and literally put about 1/2 a cup of oil in each pan before cooking the burgers and I was like “do you mind if I take over cooking the burgers?!”  It takes less than a teaspoon to get a nice sear on the bottom before flipping.


I hardly took any pictures, because we were steady busy the whole morning.  There were only about 15 other vendors, so this is a pretty small market.  I’d only come to this one if I lived close by.

I made a chicken wrap and brought strawberries and carrot sticks for lunch.



My daughter in law would love these burgers, and the fact that we sell vegan desserts.  Hannah was working yesterday afternoon, so I stopped by and brought her this and we both took a taste and it was amazeballs.


I was back home by 3:00 p.m., but I have to tell you, the day went by faster than any day working at my desk, and it felt like I still had so much left in the day.  I did a couple loads of laundry, did some blog work.  The only thing I forgot to do was thaw some meat.  I knew I had leftover Italian sausage marinara in the fridge and gnocchi in the pantry, so dinner was done in a matter of minutes.

IMG_3495 (2)

I am sure just like any job that after a while I’ll get comfortable with it.   It’s just weird that I am given a whole market to do myself after only doing two altogether!   It’s all good though.  The start time is later this weekend too because these markets start at 9:00, which is nice.  I believe it will even be light out when I get up!

With the change in my schedule I never went to Weight Watchers this week, but I’ve decided to switch my WI day to Tuesdays, because there are never any markets on that day.  So next Tuesday will be my next weigh in.  It was such an erratic week for me, with the NRA show and all that.  Plan on hitting the gym hard today, as it’s likely a rainy day.

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!  Make it a great day!