Yep, I cut my losses on the 21 sugar detox.  While I definitely took less insulin, my blood sugar numbers were all over the map!  I would have thought they would be low, but even after eating stuffed peppers that had no rice or starchy fillers at all – and even after taking what little insulin I thought I would need for a low carb dish – two hours later my blood sugar was 279!  Crazeballs.

So, I am going back to what I did back in June when I started Insanity.  I told myself nothing was off-limits.  And with that mindset, I was in charge of what I ate. I could choose to eat a donut, but I didn’t!  This last week when I was restricted on what I could eat – all I did was obsess about what I couldn’t eat and it was driving me nuts.  So I am back to my calorie counting and balancing out the ratio of carbs/protein/fat.  Sorry Peggy if I let you down – but you are being a great cheerleader to the people who finished up their first week on the detox.

I was thrilled when right before Christmas I was contacted by Balance Bar to try out some of their new Balance Bars.  These actually saved me the week Tony was in the hospital because I kept them in my purse and a couple times my blood sugar was low and it was nice to just grab this bar without having to leave his hospital room.

balance 006

Um, these are the bars that are left – I’ve already eaten four of them!  Along with the bars I got a 2014 Calendar.  They have teamed up with lifestyle expert, Laurel House, with tips on how to live your best in 2014.

January –

Make an “intention” board to stay motivated.  Create an intention board of images and words cut from magazines

that illustrate the energy behind your goals/intentions/resolutions for the year. 

I actually like the word “intention” rather than goal.  Intent to me means that you have an action in plan to get to your goal.   I am making it simple for myself again – just make each day the best that I can make it, and move on to the next day.  No regrets for the day before and no anticipation of what the next day will bring.  Just living in the moment.

I am happy that I only work on Friday and Saturday night at the restaurant, so I am hitting the gym before work everyday this week except Friday, since I will be working a double that day.  I will make Friday my rest day and make up the workout over the weekend.  I have all my meals planned too – some interesting things this week!  Thanks to Courtney’s menu post, I saw the recipe that Jessica made – honey chipotle chicken bowls.  It’s made with a lime quinoa – cannot wait to have this for lunch today!

Not only did I get this package from Balance Bar, but they are offering up the same package for one of my readers to win!   You will receive a variety of Balance Bars, the 2014 Calendar and the Yurbuds headphones.  OMG, I LOVE these headphones!  I cannot tell you how many times when I bent down to do barbell rows to not only have one, but BOTH ear pieces fall out of my ears.  These have a unique “twist” so they fit perfect for women, and are guaranteed not to fall out.  I wore them for a good two hours yesterday while cleaning my pantry, going up and down stairs for laundry, etc. and the fit was wonderful.

balance 010

balance 019

Excuse the messy hair – I was still in my jammies when I took this picture! 

So because it’s their giveaway, and not mine, a couple rules.


Do you pledge to be a better version of you in 2014?  Just leave a comment below letting me know that you have checked out the above links, and I will choose a random winner on Wednesday, January 15.  Good luck!

I always tell Tony that we should eat more fish.  I am the problem.  He would love it if I cooked salmon, but I am picky about fish.  What I do love, of course, are the most expensive fish like Chilean Sea Bass and Ahi Tuna!  I scored and got two tuna steaks – each $4.99 – at The Fresh Market.  I can justify the cost because there is no way we’d be able to get this meal for $5 a person at a restaurant!  I ended up marinating my piece in this marinade on the left, just a tablespoon, and I also bought this toasted sesame blend for the sides.

balance 033

balance 2 020

balance 2 024

I served it over a lobster stock risotto with edamame and carrots.  So good!  I almost overcooked the fish though – it was delicious and Tony ate every bite.   I am confident that my brother and sister wouldn’t eat this dish.  Mom, would you??

So I finally weighed in.  After my mindless eats at night while Tony was in the hospital, not getting to the gym like I used to . . .it caught up with me.  Since December 1 I’ve gained 6.5 pounds.

balance 2 016

Yep, mismatched socks for you this morning – my toes need a pedicure so I didn’t want to gross you out too much!  So, I am pulling my big girl pants up and getting back at it.  I worked too hard from June to December to go back to where I started from, just glad that I am getting back on track now, instead of months from now!

Off to finish putting my food together for the day – on tap for lunch today?  Jessica’s honey chipotle chicken bowls with lime quinoa!  Yum!