I got up yesterday morning and walked outside for just under 40 minutes.  Our Chicagoland weather is so weird – yesterday we hit a record 95 degrees for a high, and at 6:30 in the morning it was already 80 degrees and very humid.

101 011

101 013

101 015

While I don’t mind the heat per se, it’s September so my mind has already made the flip to beef stew, pumpkin and hoodies! Open-mouthed smile

Breakfast was heated up at work – two sweet potato and banana pancakes, 3 ounces of deli ham and a blueberry Chobani.  I was actually full from the pancakes and ham, so the Chobani will be a snack today.  And thanks Lara for pinning my sweet potato banana pancakes – they were pinned over 100 times yesterday on Pinterest!  Let me know if you make them for Baby G.

101 016

I planned on hitting the pool at lunch and lucked out and had the whole pool to myself.  It was a glorious 30 minutes of solitude – the life guard was in her office the whole time too so I didn’t feel too self conscious.  It was sad to see the outdoor pool drained, especially on such a hot day.

101 018

  101 020   101 019

101 022

Since my brain is already to fall comfort food, I made beef stew over the weekend.  I made this recipe – except I added a whole pound of mushrooms in the base of this with the white beans and diced tomatoes.  While I don’t like the texture of mushrooms, I love the flavor – just gives it an earthy meaty taste.  Not the most attractive picture, but there is a depth of flavors going on in this stew.

101 001

I had to work a bit late last night – I was planning on grilling a turkey breast (going to do that tonight) since its so hot out I didn’t want to heat up the kitchen.  I ended up grilling up pork steak instead – super easy and quick.   I made this German potato salad over the weekend too.  German potato salad always reminds me of my Dad. Open-mouthed smile  I love that it’s tangy, mustardy – and its good warm, cold or at room temperature.

101 028

Last night as I was getting ready to do Insanity, I realized that I was on my . . .

101 Insanity Workout!

I couldn’t actually believe it, but my first workout was June 1.  I am actually super proud of myself.  I am the Queen of declaring “I am going to do this!” and then a week later lose steam and then just pretend I never made a declaration.

But I took it one day at a time.  There were days that I missed, I was on vacation, etc., but I haven’t given up on it.  I know its reshaping my body – my shoulders are more defined, I think my face is thinner and while I wish the pounds would drop off faster, I am losing weight.

101 035

So while it was my Day 101, it was my twin sisters Fit Test yesterday.  You can check out her beginning stats here.   Just think where you’ll be at Day 101 Jenn! 

And after I cooled down I face talked with Hannah.  She’s been so busy now that school is back in the mix.  She’s being promoted at work to become a shift manager (in the morning) so she’s been working and doing their eLearning to get her certification.  And on top of that taking 5 classes this semester.  It’s just nice to see her face – here is an extreme close up!

101 038

She had just gotten out of the shower before we talked and she has a hoodie bathrobe – this just makes me laugh!

No walk this morning before work – I need to balance it out some so I don’t get burnt out.  Today I have my quarterly diabetes doctor appointment – I think the last time I weighed in there in May I was 176 pounds – this morning I am 158. Open-mouthed smile

Stats for the Day:

  • 1581 calories, 167 carbs, 114 protein, 37 fat and 21 protein
  • 20% calories from fat, 28% from protein and 41% from carbs
  • 37:30 walk before work
  • 30 minute swim at lunch
  • 40 minute #101 Cardio Resistance of Insanity after dinner

Alright, time to get my shit together for the day – I have a feeling it’s going to be a Mexican theme today Open-mouthed smile   Make it a great day!