Wow – thank you for all of your generosity in my idea to donate newer DVD’s to the pediatric ward at the hospital Tony’s staying at!  You are smarter cookies than me too – a few of you are buying DVDs off of and shipping them to me, and other sent me money via paypal.  So far it looks like I will be able to donate a minimum of 16 DVDs and I could not be more excited about that.  I think that’s just what keeps me going.  When something goes wrong, I try to figure out how to put a positive spin on it and it kind of makes everything okay!

Tony update:  The liver scan came back negative.  Turns out the routine medications he takes can alter numbers on blood tests.  So now we just have to wait for the blood thinners to get out of his body and wait for the magic number before they can do the surgery to remove the polyps.  This usually takes a few days at a minimum, and sadly he’s realized that he’ll be in the hospital during the first round of football playoffs. Sad smile

While I was getting ready to go to the hospital before work, I had a jones for oatmeal.  Um, maybe because now that the snow had been dumped on us, mother nature thought it would be fun to follow that up with arctic air.  Lovely!  Check out Monday – our HIGH is going to be –11!

hosp 001

When I left the house yesterday, you can see how much snow we got – probably close to 12 inches?  (That’s what she said!).  Um, that doesn’t look like BBQ weather to me!

hosp 001

I hung out with Tony for about 40 minutes before heading to work.  My boss had a brief due and my other boss does billing at the beginning of the month and I felt I needed to be there for that.  Well, turns out my boss got an extension on the brief and my other boss didn’t come in until 3:30 – so it wasn’t too bad of a work day and I got a lot of little things done.  It has something to do with the new year that I suddenly get the urge to organize!

I had oatmeal with apples and at the hospital I picked up two hard boiled eggs.  Usually oatmeal spikes my blood sugar a lot, so I thought I gave myself enough insulin so that my blood sugar wouldn’t go crazy high, but high enough that I could work out at lunch.  Nope.  A couple hours later my blood sugar was 62.  So I ate an orange my PIL sent me from Florida.  Even though it looks like a grapefruit!

hosp 003

hosp 004

My blood sugar was only up to 102, so no workout.  I still haven’t gone grocery shopping, but decided to kick up Tony’s leftover noodle dish from when I picked up Chinese the other day.  Just added a cup of steamed broccoli to a cup of his noodle dish, and of course, had to add more sriracha – it was pretty bland before that.

hosp 005

Tony thought I could order off the hospital menu, but it turns out it’s for patients only.  I was going to get a Subway sandwich, but I stood there for 5 minutes and no one was there to wait on me.  So I went to the cafeteria and got stuff from the salad bar.  The only protein on there was tuna (and yes, Marianne, you are correct that the egg is protein too – check out her recipe for bacon pancakes with caramelized apples – yum!!!!)

I ended up getting two small chicken fingers and sliced that up over the top.  It wasn’t too bad!  But I have to say, cafeteria food at the hospital is typically NOT the healthiest.  They had a panini by the hot station that I almost got – until I read that HALF of one was 550 calories, and 25 grams of fat?!

hosp 007

I hung out with Tony for a few hours.  I lay next to him in bed and I always have a calming effect on Tony.  He almost always falls asleep soon after I arrive because he’s comfortable just knowing I am there.  Which is why he didn’t mind me watching two hours of The Taste last night!

I got home around 9:30 to an empty house.  As I was checking email and Facebook, I realized that I’ve never lived alone.  I went from my parents house, to college roommates, to living with my sister, to moving back with my parents when Hannah was born, to living in a two flat with my sister and BIL, and then marrying Tony and living with him.   In the past when Tony was in the hospital, or traveling for business, Hannah was here.  So it’s a bit creepy to be in the house by myself.  Suddenly I am hearing noises that I am sure have always been here, but just never noticed.  And while it drives me crazy sometimes when Tony comes to bed and turns on the t.v., I’ve found myself keeping the t.v. on in the background these last two nights – makes me feel like he’s in the room with me.

I have the day off of work today.  I have my annual eye doctor appointment at 8:00 a.m., and then will head to the hospital.  I am going to bring some balance bars and fruit.  Last night as we were lying in bed sure enough I checked my blood sugar and it was 50.  I didn’t have ONE THING to eat – shame on me.  No glucose tabs, bars – nothing.  I went to the nurses station and she gave me a container of orange juice, and that did the trick.

Hooray for a short work week – hope your Friday isn’t too bad.  And if you’d like to donate newer kids DVDs to the pediatric ward – just shoot me an email at  THANK YOU so much for your generosity!  I love that some of you are taking your kids shopping with you – what a great life lesson to learn when you are young to pay it forward!  Make it a great day!