I never used to be able to make omelets.  I’d be really careful, tilting the pan back and forth letting the egg get underneath the already cooked egg.  It would get just to the point where it would be time to flip and it would always break on me.  Now?  I don’t do a thing.  I put all my ingredients in the pan – 1/2 cup liquid egg whites, baby spinach, deli ham and American cheese.  Then I put it over medium-low heat, put a lid on the pan and just walked away and got dressed for work.  It cooks all the way through and I just pour it out of the pan into my tupperware – one giant circle.  I reheat it like that at work and only after it’s reheated to a flip it to look like an omelet.  Best part of this breakfast?  This whole plate is 300 calories!

hanners 003

I like how pretty the spinach looks too!  Work was busy and before I knew it, it was time to hit the gym.  I put this not on my chair in case anyone is looking for me.

hanners 004

I felt like doing cardio so I ended up doing 40 minutes on the Stairmaster while watching this movie on Netflix – the time goes by really fast when you watch a movie!  It’s actually pretty good, but I think Julianne Moore is an awesome actress.

I ended up doing 117 flights and 2.44 miles in 40 minutes.  Not bad!

hanners 012

hanners 013

hanners 015

When I got back to work, I heated up more stir-fry.  I haven’t checked the stores yet, but I have one bottle of sriracha at home, and half a bottle left at work.  Eek!

hanners 035

hanners 040

I texted back and forth with Hannah yesterday – sometimes we just send each other a ton of emoticons – ha!

hanners 016

I got hungry though later in the afternoon, so I had a caramel apple – well, kind of.  I used 1 tablespoon of caramel sauce (meant for ice cream) – 50 calories a tablespoon, with a cut of Fuji – the only thing missing was some nuts!

hanners 022

People in the Chicagoland area know that Dominick’s grocery store is going out of business at the end of this year.  While some, like the Dominick’s near my Mom’s house, will turn into a Mariano’s, the one by us is just closing.  Everything is 50% off (except fresh produce and meat) and alcohol was 30% off.  I went to check it out, but it looks like I missed the boat!

hanners 023

The only alcohol left was like marshmallow vodka (gross!) and stuff like that.  I did buy one box of pinot grigio though.  Other than that, it was slim pickings.   I went to the check out and saw this woman had just a bit of wine to purchase!  I thought “wow, she scored!” until I saw that it was all super sweet wine.  Ew.

hanners 024

Dinner was simple – burgers and fries! 

hanners 043

Since I have to work a double today, other than doing a load of laundry, I just hung out with Tony and we caught up on our DVR.  I didn’t go on the computer once last night – it was nice!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1601 calories, 63 fat, 154 carbs, 109 protein and 21 fiber
  • 38% of calories from carbs, 35% from fat and 26% from protein
  • 40 minute Stairmaster
  • Average blood sugar – 88

For some reason my blood sugar was low last night – I didn’t think I took that much insulin at dinner.  It was 75, so I had a couple handfuls of this mix – um, let’s just say this doesn’t suck!


About 20 minutes later, I checked my blood sugar again and it was 60 – I ate a couple more handfuls of this and it was only up to 80 by the time I went to bed at 11:00.  For some reason I thought I shouldn’t take my night time insulin, but that was a mistake – this morning?  My blood sugar was 282.  Gah!

Alright, time to shower, put my work stuff together and get a move on.  Looking forward to lunch – Tony made me a chorizo minestrone soup that tastes amazeballs!  Make it a great day!