Hannah and I had such a good time together!  We decided that if we were going to have fried green beans later in the day, that we had to get to the gym!  I ran 20 minutes straight at 5.0 mph!  I did a jog/walk the rest of the time.


Before working out I had a Kashi bar – this one is my favorite so far – it worked perfect, I took my insulin with it, and I didn’t have the giant spike in blood sugar after working out.


Before we left, we made this pancake recipe, except added blueberries – letting the baking powder sit result in a really fluffy pancake.  It’s our go to recipe now.

I had one pancake with 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter – so good!


Then it was off to the spa!  This was a very unusual experience for me, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.  When we got there, Hannah went one way to get her mani/pedi, and I went to the “spa” area.  I started out with a 15 minute eucalyptus steam treatment.  I could only to it for 5 minutes!  It was kind of claustrophobic because the steam was so thick – but boy was I sweating bullets in just 5 minutes!  Then it was onto the facial. 

The woman starting asking the routine questions, do you live around here, where do you work.  When I told her I worked in a law firm  she blurted out: “Do you have any divorce attorneys?”  Then she starts telling me that her husband doesn’t treat her right – they have a 5 year old daughter, she only works 15 hours a week and he expects her to buy food and gas with the salon money she makes.  He apparently earns $130,000, but stopped paying the mortgage for some reason so now they are in foreclosure.  She said he will only give her money or a credit card if she performs sexual acts for it.  It was the most bizarre conversation!!  I have never met this woman before!

But I found myself giving this woman advice!  She said she kept going back and forth about whether she should leave her 10 year marriage and be miserable, or leave him and try to find happiness.  I told her you have to make your life happy, no one else will.  So at the end she said “so you’re saying that by changing my mind back and forth shows him that I am afraid?”  I then out of nowhere I said “you have two paths to take. You stay with your husband and be miserable, or go down the path to try to find your happiness in life.  You don’t have to be afraid anymore!

Who am I to be telling this woman to leave her husband and find happiness??  Maybe she just wanted an unbiased opinion, but then again, I only have her side of the story.  But I do know divorce attorneys, so she gave me her number and I am going to call her with names on Monday.  So weird!

But my eye brow wax turned out great, even though it takes about 2 days for the redness and swelling to go down!  Hannah always wants to wax my brows, but I am so low maintenance, I don’t like to keep it up.  She always jokes that when I get my eye brows done, its like 40-year old virgin: “We need more wax!  Cancel all my appointments!”  And me shouting “Kelly Clarkson” after the first rip!

But now, its lunch time, and yes, fried green beans it was!  Then we split a Shanghai Salad.

View salad 2


The wasabi dipping sauce makes these green beans – totally worth the treat!  Then it was onto the thrift store!  This one is huge, not in the greatest neighborhood, but its where I once bought a Prada purse for $10, and I bought a three piece business suit:  skirt, pants and jacket – Ann Taylor with the tags on for $9!  It’s hands down the nicest business suit I own.


I had the brilliant idea of making homemade Italian beef sandwiches for dinner.  Before we left I put a big beef roast in my dutch oven, and set the temperature for 250 and out the door we left.  I told Tony, “there’s is a roast in the oven, no need to touch it.”  Well, a while later he turned the temp down to 220, but I still overcooked the hell out of it – I don’t know what I was thinking!  I should have had it on like 175 degrees if I planned on cooking it all day!  (or maybe in the crock pot now that I think of it!).

So my mistake cost me $86, since we went out to dinner!  We decided to try this restaurant again, even after my birthday dinner sucked there.  We drove by, and guess what?  It’s out of business!  It was probably my blog report that put them under!   So onto plan B.


We all decided on getting appetizer portions – first we split the calamari – I really like this now!


Tony got the seared Tuna plate – I had a few slices – this was delicious too – love the wasabi too!  It took me a long time to get past how raw this looks, but I like this too.



I ended up getting New Orleans BBQ shrimp – and while very good – it was barbecue sauce – I was expecting spicy! 



By the end of the day, Hannah was exhausted and went to her room to watch movies – Tony and I watched the Sox game outside in our gazebo – the weather was perfect last night!  By the time we came in, I didn’t have the energy to type!  Hope everyone had a great Friday.

Now off to the CSA to see what I get this week – come back later for my First Day of the Month Giveaway – you’ll love it!