Gotta love a short work week!  Even with one of my bosses out of the office, it’s been busy, so this week is flying by.  I think we should pass a law that says that we could get paid for working five days in a week, but only actually having to work three.   I think of all the stuff I could do with a four day weekend!  Photography classes, trips to Chicago, lunches out with Tony!   A girl can dream, can’t she?!

Yesterday was back at the arms/back/abs.  I was nearly out the door when I realized I never made anything for my pre-workout snack!  So I opened the pantry and what did I see?  A 100 calorie box of Fruit Loops – done!

chine 010

chine 011

Here is another almost camel toe – it’s been cold in the gym lately so I kept my jacket on the whole time.

chine 013

Holy shizz people – 55 minutes it took me to get through the workout!  I sent this picture to Tony when I was done.  I didn’t even have the strength to smile!

chine 017

But a 5 minute hot shower woke me up again and I got to work.  No picture of breakfast because I started out busy – but I ended up having two more breakfast tacos.  I put them in the toaster oven and set it and started on something and nearly burned them – but they were fine – nice and crispy.  I opted out of my usual Chobani since I had the Fruit Loops before – so combined “breakfast” was 483 calories.

I am still chipping away at my 125 mile goal of moving for November.  And while I was supposed to do sprints, I ended up doing the bike again – this time on a resistance of 6 and got in 7 more miles to the tally – I have 46.5 miles to go!

chine 021

Last week I made a really shitty chili with round steak.  While it tasted good the day I made it, I think reheating it in the microwave made the meat chewy and tasted like ass.  So I picked out the meat, added 1/2 a cup of black beans and ate that over a potato skin that I reheated in the toaster oven so it was nice and crispy.  I missed having cheese though – I forgot it.

chine 006

I was looking for a picture on Facebook, and stumbled across this picture, which I believe was Christmas 3 years ago?   I couldn’t get over how fat my face looked!

chine 018

Tony and I decided to meet out for Chinese right by the grocery store that we were buying our turkey – .39 cents a pound for a Jennie-O turkey!  The smallest one I could find was 19 pounds!  And did I mention it’s just me, Tony and my Mom?!  Lot’s of leftovers!

I ended up ordering something different – Tony doesn’t like pork very much, so I haven’t bought any in a while, so I ended up ordering the pork and green beans – but asked them to make it spicy!

chine 022

chine 023

Huh.  I wasn’t expected ground pork, but this was really good.  Not a whole lot of protein, but for $7 I can’t really complain.  I cooked up some chicken breasts to accessorize my lunch today with the leftovers.   With some rice – love that you can see the flickers of crushed red pepper.

chine 025

So right now our turkey is chilling out in a brine.  Have you ever brined a turkey before?  It turns out so good – I think next time I do a whole chicken I might try brining it.  I never thought about it until I saw Mel from You Had Me At Butter brine a chicken.   I ended up buying a brine mix – this is enough brine for 3 turkeys.  Even though it says World Market, I bought this at Bed Bath & Beyond right next to the brining bags.

chine 027

Simple boil a gallon of water to two cups of the seasoning, let it come to a boil, then let it cool.  I just let it sit with a top on it on my stove and this morning I put the turkey in the bringing bag and poured the cool seasoned water in the bag.  It will brine until Thursday.  We plan on doing our turkey on the Weber Grill.  We fried a turkey once, and while it was delicious, the time and effort of manning the fryer so it didn’t burn the house down, and waiting for the oil to get to temperature was a bit too much.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1477 calories, 211 carbs, 78 protein, 39 fat, 29 fiber
  • 23% of calories from fat, 20% from protein and 55% from carbs
  • Grade of B on
  • 55 minutes arms/back/abs
  • 7 mile bike ride at lunch

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  How do you prepare your turkey?  Hope it’s your Friday today too!  Make it a great day!