I had planned on walking before work yesterday morning, but when I reached for my phone when my alarm went off and saw that it was only 30 degrees, I realized that the outfit I picked out to walk in clearly wasn’t warm enough (which could have been easily fixed by the way!) so I stayed in my cozy bed and did what I think most people do with smart phones and wear glasses that aren’t in yet.  Hold the phone as close to your face as possible and close one eye to catch up on Facebook and Instagram!  It was a relaxing way to start the day, and 20 minutes later I got up.  I ate breakfast when I got to work – a Chobani parfait with a Fuji apple and chocolate protein granola that I got at Aldi.  Perfect balance of sweet and tart.

11.9.15BA 034

Since it was around 50 degrees at lunch time and I only had a winter coat and not a light jacket, I thought I’d head to the gym for lunch.  But as soon as I got outside it was awesome!  Sunny, blue skies and no wind, so I walked for 45 minutes around my office building.  I just noticed my eyes look especially green in this pic – maybe because of the green grass?!   Sadly the state of our trees this time of year are like the picture on the right – but at least it was sunny skies!

PicMonkey Collage - walk

When my Mom was over this weekend, she texted me “chicken kabobs!”  I knew that meant that she wanted to stock up on the Greek chicken that my store sells.  So good and super reasonable in price.   I picked some up for myself too – each package contains two kabobs of chicken and that’s literally four generous servings for us.  While I normally make my naan bread, since I was out and about this last weekend I ended up picking up this:

11.9.15BA 043

1/2 a naan bread is 190 calories.  I put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and it was perfect – soft and fluffy – kinda like me! Open-mouthed smile

11.9.15BA 048

That plate:  1/2 naan, 3.5 ounces chicken, 1 tablespoon tzatziki, veggie “fries” and a tablespoon of Aldi’s goddess dressing came in at only 433 calories and a whopping 39 grams of protein – so filling!

So I know I’ve mentioned that since Hannah has school on Monday night and isn’t home for dinner, Jacob and I have declared it MEAT MONDAY!  Normally it’s red meat, but I had the last of my Blue Apron dinners from last week that we never made and I either had to freeze the meat, or make it.  I didn’t want to be wasteful with the other ingredients, so I made it last night.  Not gonna lie – the side dish called for collard greens sauteed in fresh ginger and . . . tomato paste.  (well, it may have called for onions too, but I left that out). 

When I got home Jacob was in the kitchen with me and we both admitted that we didn’t think that either of us had ever eaten collard greens before.  I decided to take a leap and make the recipe exactly as instructed.  Although I did have a lot of jerk seasoning, and even covering the two chicken breasts liberally with the seasoning, I had about a teaspoon leftover.

11.9.15BA 051

So even though I’ve been a food blogger for seven years, two new ingredients to My Bizzy Kitchen – collard greens and maduros (plaintains)!

11.9.15BA 054

Okay – here’s the deal – the grilled lime brought this whole dish together.  Something about the acidity in the lime married the spicy chicken with the tomatoey collard greens and the sweet plantains.  This one was winner winner chicken dinner!   And I am going to brag, but I cooked my chicken perfectly – I know it looks burnt, but it isn’t – that’s all the jerk seasoning.  The perfect bite:

11.9.15BA 062

So happy I took a leap of faith with this dish.  I never would have come up with the combination on my own.  So out of the three meals I made, two were stellar and one was just okay.  I decided to sign up for one more week this week and then will probably order every other week to get some variety.

I have a few link loves today.  Cannot believe that it will be Thanksgiving in a couple weeks!  While we almost all have either turkey or ham for the protein, it’s the sides that you have to figure out.  My friend Ally has put together an amazing list of 50 side dish recipes for Thanksgiving – all with links!  You can check it out here.

And my new friend Liz that I met in Denver has put up some links of how to use seasonal veggies for the month of November.  She has links to recipes using veggies that are seasonal – you can check that out here.

And my blog friend Renee has a slow cooker beef and broccoli recipe.  While my non-meat eating daughter Hannah doesn’t like much beef, she loves this recipe, and while I had pinned another recipe, I think I am going to use Renee’s.  Flank steak was stupid expensive at $22 for a 1.4 pound package!   So I picked up boneless short ribs and fingers crossed it’s super tender so Hannah will like it.

So today I have prepared accordingly and will be walking outside this morning – while wearing the scarf that Shelley knitted for me and sent me after Tony died.  It’s so soft and cozy!   And it does feel like a hug when I wear it. Open-mouthed smile

Make it a great day!