Another weekend is in the books – as we get closer to the end of the year it seems like these weekends go by quicker each week.  I slept in until 9:30 Saturday morning – it was so nice!  I love to sleep.  Tony made me breakfast when I got up – savory french toast!  It was rosemary bread french toast and he put spicy eggs on top.  So good!

saturday 041

I did some cleaning and then it was time to get sweaty!  I did 40 minutes of Insanity Plyo.

bfast 014

Then before I knew it, it was time to pick up Hannah from the train station!  Her friend has a son who turned two and we were both invited to the party.  It was at a place called the Treehouse – very nice!

bfast 020

Carver 002

These were two of my favorite pictures:

Carver 088

I have to give props to Mel – she’s a single Mom who just turned 22 yesterday, but I think she’s doing a great job raising her son by herself.  And then he saw his cake!

Carver 071

bfast 019

It was funny, Hannah and I were talking together and Hannah’s friends Aunt asked if Hannah and I were twins!  Ha! 

We left the party and hit up the Entenmann’s outlet – my step-son would have died for these donuts – he loves all things pumpkin!

bfast 024

Then we went to Goodwill – I got two pairs of pants and three tops for $11.  My size 14s are way too big, the 12s fit good and hopefully by January I’ll be in 10s!

Then it was time to take Hannah back to the train for her to go home – it went by so quick!

bfast 030

bfast 037

I ended up picking up a pizza and making a salad for dinner Saturday night – never took one picture of it though!

Tony spoiled me again for breakfast Sunday.  I ended up sleeping in until 9.  He made me a mashed potato egg frittata with corned beef and cheese.  So good!  I ended up eating only half though – it was filling.


bfast 041

The theme of the day yesterday was ORGANIZE.  It’s sad how much I didn’t appreciate Hannah’s cleaning skills when she lived here.  Our pantry was a mess and it had been a while since I deep cleaned the refrigerator.  Before and after – hopefully I can keep it that way!

bfast 042bfast 044

I kept up with laundry through the day, and that’s all done.  Then I grocery shopped and when I came home started making the sauce for lasagna.  I can’t even remember the last time I made lasagna!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday – sunny and 55.  I was so glad it wasn’t raining for the Chicago marathon.  One of the attorneys in my office ran it in 3:40!   I didn’t run, but I did get in a 50 minute walk in the afternoon.

bfast 048

bfast 049

Then it was time to assemble the lasagna.  I ended up using this recipe.  The only thing I did differently was I reduced the oil to 1 teaspoon, used 8 ounces of Italian sausage and 4 ounces of ground sirloin, and of course, left out the onions.  I also used fresh lasagna sheets I found in the freezer section.  I ended up using three sheets for this recipe.

bfast 050

bfast 052

bfast 057

bfast 063

I made this 8 servings.

bfast 073

I liked it, but thought it could have used some crushed red pepper to kick it up a notch.  I am going to freeze the leftovers for lunches.

I have to give a shout out to Lori.  She was thrift store shopping with her son and saw this and took a picture because she thought of me – love it!  She said it was already like this when she found it!


And tonight I am meeting a loyal blog reader Randi and her new spouse Julie (not sure if I call her a wife?) for dinner tonight.  They live in California and just got married and are spending their honeymoon in Chicago and visiting family in Wisconsin.  I’ll be having dinner with them tonight. Open-mouthed smile  Love is love in my book!


I am so excited our Healthy for the Holidays FB page is 115 members strong!  If you want support during this eating holiday season, friend me on facebook and I’ll add you to the group:  Beth Hills Velatini.

Alright, I guess I have to go to work today.  Make it a great day!