I’ve found out that I really, really have to be in the mood for a breakfast parfait.  I was putting my stuff together yesterday and it was easy to toss in a Chobani, some fruit and granola and call that breakfast.

7.15 049

Even though I had plain Chobani, this ended up being really sweet to me – maybe the bananas were too much?   I ended up eating only about 2/3 of this.

It looked nice when I went to the pool, but storm clouds rolled in and I thought they might close the pool, but I got in my 30 minute swim.  However, the kids were like a magnet to the adult swim lap lane.  Not kidding I think the lifeguards blew the whistle a couple dozen times telling kids to stay out of it!

7.15 053

7.15 059

I wanted to show you guys how close the gym is to my office – so I can never have an excuse that I don’t have the time.  I am not sure you guys have heard my voice yet?!



Hope you got a kick out of that! Open-mouthed smile

I made a batch of Renee’s chicken orzo soup for lunch – so good!  The only thing I forgot was the chopped baby spinach – I wanted to add that when I reheated the soup, still good though!

7.15 012

When Tony and I were shopping over the weekend, I saw this cranberry walnut bread – it was packaged as half a loaf for $2 so I decided to give it a try.  I was pissed though when I was looking over my register receipt when I got home and saw that it cost $4.19!  Gah.  I normally pay better attention – I blame Tony, he was probably distracting me! Open-mouthed smile  I do need to find a recipe for this though!

7.15 002

I made a deli turkey/cheddar panini.  The bread isn’t overly sweet, and I love the nuts.  (that’s what she said).

7.15 015

I asked Tony when I got home what he felt like for dinner – I gave him several options after which he said “whatever you want is fine.”  So grilled chicken Caesar salads it was!

7.15 022

7.15 027

7.15 030

7.15 033

7.15 034

That was a great pre-workout meal.  After dinner Tony and I watched Ray Donovan – a new series on Showtime with Jon Voight.  It’s really good.  That hour rest time was enough time for my dinner to digest and I killed Insanity last night – it felt really good to push hard.  It was Max Interval Plyo and it was 56 minutes long!

7.15 046

So sweaty!!  And that was even having the central air on! Open-mouthed smile  I ended up buying a case of this Gatorade – I plan on drinking one after Insanity – its low calorie and low carb – 45 calories for the whole bottle with 12 grams of carbs.  I like that it doesn’t taste as sweet as regular Gatorade.   And for the record, I didn’t mix it with the vodka that’s in the background. Martini glass

7.15 065

I have to give a shout out today!  Dave, of the couple Rachel and Dave of Losing It, just hit his 10% goal at Weight Watchers.  Even before he started WW, he lost weight, and has lost 36 pounds on WW – so his total weight loss to date is 70 pounds!  You should be so proud of yourself Dave!  And it was Rachel’s birthday yesterday – happy belated Rachel!

They have this quote on their blog, which I think I’ll print out and put at my desk – just as a reminder to stay focused:

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Stats for the Day:

  • 1762 calories, 84 fat, 147 carbs, 23 fiber and 114 protein
  • 34% calories from carbs, 43% from fat and 23% from protein
  • 30 minute swim at lunch
  • 56 minute M2:D10 of Insanity – Max Interval Plyo

So how did everyone’s week start off – on the right foot?  If not, today is a new day – you can’t change yesterday but you can brush yourself off and start again – make it a great day!