Today is the official start day out round 2 of the DietBet.  Welcome Kris M. to the game!  We are now up to an $800 pot and we have 32 players – 18 of which are blog readers and friends so I am the MVP of the Game – woop!

I have to say i thoroughly enjoyed having a rest day yesterday, but I am looking forward to getting sweaty with Shaun T. later today. Open-mouthed smile

I still had more salad leftover, so I made another salad smoothie – this time I added a small banana and 1/2 a cup of frozen peaches, and this was delicious – just enough sweetness.

7.12 001

7.12 002

Even though it looks like someone vomited in a cup, this was really good – and filling.  I drank this on the way to work wasn’t even hungry until 12:30!

My boss that I cooked for decided to buy us lunch yesterday – Panera!  Speaking of Panera, Hannah just got promoted to associate trainer, and now has an official silver name tag, not the paper one – go Hannah!

I did the pick two – and while the picture of the soup looks like ass, it tasted amazing – Chicken lemon orzo soup – so lemony and delicious with half a fuji apple salad.  Even with the dressing (I only used one) lunch was 430 calories – not bad!

7.12 004

I need to make Renee’s Lemon Chicken Orzo soup this week for lunches.  I had forgotten she made an amazing one!

7.12 003

Couldn’t wait for 5:00 – why are Friday afternoons so slow?  I came home to Tony sitting outside, smoking a cigar, enjoying a beer and he had a glass of wine waiting for me. Open-mouthed smile

7.12 017

I have to say though, since ditching my daily wine, I am a cheap date – just two glasses and I was feeling tipsy! 

I ended up making combo sandwiches for dinner – super quick and easy.  I had leftover sausage from the wedding shower I did earlier in the week and I pulled out a frozen beef roast from the freezer – defrosted it for about 2 minutes, just enough so I could cut some slices for our sandwiches.

I put 2 cups of beef broth with 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning and heated that up and as I shaved the beef, just put that in the au jus to warm it up.  I had 2 ounces of beef and 2 ounces of sausage on my bun – and a few fries because its Friday! Open-mouthed smile

7.12 020

7.12 008

And now the most asked question yesterday:

How do I buy shoes with such different sized feet?

7.12 022


These are all the shoes I own.  Yes, I know, I am not a shoe person.  I mostly wear open toe or open heel shoes, so that it doesn’t really matter that my feet are two different sizes.  For my gym shoes, I just tie my smaller foot shoe really tight and it seems to work.  I don’t think I could find someone else in the world with 2 1/2 size different feet opposite of mine to share shoes with! Open-mouthed smile

Stats for the Day:

  • 2070 calories (includes wine and pretzels)
  • 80 fat, 184 carbs, 16 fiber and 85 protein
  • 36% calories from carbs, 35% from fat and 29% from protein
  • rest day

Another question I got emailed a lot yesterday was what I use to track my calories.  I am sure I’ve mentioned it before but its Fat Secret.  You can type in recipes, it will give you a nutritional label, and that’s how I know my breakdown of the percentage of calories.   Best part?  It’s free!

I’ve got Insanity M2:D8 later today – 55 minutes of Max Cardio Conditioning!  What is on your plate for exercise today?

Make it a great day!