Wow, what a great date night last night!  It’s fun having a date with your husband (and on a week night too)!  My step-son works valet at a high end movie theater.  Check out their site at:  Each theater only has about 40 seats AND ALL OF THEM ARE RECLINERS!

Check it out!


So we got there around 5:45 and they sat is in the lounge.  I had checked out the wine prices before we got there – one of my favorite shiraz was $14 a glass!  I ended up having Sam Adams Octoberfest (another fav!).  We placed our meal order and when the movie (Changling with Angelina Jolie) was about to begin they took us to the most comfortable reclinder I’ve ever been in.  In between us was a table to put our drinks and food on.  The best part?  The server button!  There was a button you pushed when you wanted another drink!  How cool is that?!  Thanks to Joe for getting us discount tickets!

I got for an appetizer:  The Italian antipasto platter with smoked cured meats, grilled vegetables, artisan cheese and crackers.

Tony got for an appetizer:  Crisp lobster roll with lemon aioli, sweet Thai chili sauce. 

Tony’s was so good – very crispy roll!

We were really content with that, but then came our entrees!

I got the grill pressed mini (NOTHING MINI ABOUT IT!) cuban sandwich.  It was roast pork, smoked ham, cheese, pickles and mustard on peasant bread.  I could only eat one half of the sandwich (okay and maybe two bites from the second half).  It was delicious!

Tony got the Wagyu Beef Burger Duo, which had applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato (HOLD THE ONIONS!).  He said the meat was really flavorful!


I wished I could have taken pictures but a) it was dark! and b) I didn’t want to embarrass Tony too much!

Outside the theater was a huge Christmas tree, I snapped a couple quick pics:


Even though this one is blurry, I thought it looked kinda cool!


Joe was our valet last night – I took a picture, but it was way too blurry – sorry Joe!

My head was kind of stuffy this morning so I just took Ed to the river and back. 

They are calling for snow flurries today!
They are calling for snow flurries today!

Okay, its time for me to get ready for work and make my breakfast and lunch.  See you later!