It’s storming.  Again.  This rain is getting old and depressing.  Yesterday we even had hail!

pasta 038

It’s not safe to have our computer on while its storming, so I’ll have to post the recipe for my homemade pasta over the weekend.


pasta 001 pasta 007


pasta 042

Lunch:  Chicken stirfry with broccoli slaw, zucchini and tangerines

pasta 011

Deal at the Store:  50% off lowest price, so I got 4.2 pounds of ground sirloin for $6.20!

pasta 017

Homemade Pasta with a Lemon Cream Sauce:

pasta 021

pasta 022

pasta 024

pasta 025

pasta 026

pasta 028

Cooks in just 4 minutes!

pasta 030

pasta 031

Alright, I’ve pushed my luck too far and have to turn off the computer – hope its sunny and warm where you are!  Make it a great day!