The winner of my magazine addiction is:

True Random Number Generator 33

So that means:

I want to borrow your magazines! And have your cucumber salad!! And make that breakfast strata – fabulous!

Congratulations Kelly!  Send me your mailing address at:! 😀

My office has been so hot on our side – it was finally okay yesterday, but in an effort to keep the building cooler, all the shades were pulled – what a difference that made!  What it didn’t make was very bright pictures – oh well!

I found these new low carb wraps and I absolutely love them – only 81 calories each with 5 grams of fiber! 😀

So I made wraps for both breakfast AND lunch!  Breakfast wrap was 1 cup of baby spinach, 1/4 cup black beans, 1 slice colby jack cheese, 1/2 cup egg whites and pickled japanenos, spiked with Tabasco at my desk!  And 10 of the best cherries I’ve ever had!  Sorry Shelley, are you jealous??!!  Believe it or not, this whole plate comes in at 279 calories, 25 carbs, 24 ptoein, 9.8 fat and 8.1 fiber. And it kept me full for hours!

My friend and I did our walk, in much better walking conditions!  But when I got back I was hungry!  My grocery store sells marinated chicken breasts for like $2.50 a package – when I grilled our chops the other night, I tossed one on for my lunch yesterday.  I made a Greek wrap – its basically a cup of salad mix, extra chopped carrots, 1/4 of a chopped pear (which I loved!), 1 tablespoon of Annie’s goddess dressing and 1/2 ounce crumbled goat cheese.  With baked sour cream and cheddar chips! 😀  Lunch comes in at: 431 calories, 44 carbs, 38 protein, 13.1 fat and 11.2 fiber.

Dinner was quacahummus burgers with skinny nachos on the side.  I used reduced fat cheese, 1 oz. of tortilla chips, black beans and shredded lettuce.  Our burgers ended up being 4 ounces cooked, and I put my burger on a plain bagel thin.  I have to thank Marisa for introducing me to Trader Joe’s guacahummus – only 50 calories per serving! 😀  dinner comes in at: 605 calories, 55 carbs, 47 protein, 22 fat and 3.4 fiber.

I did snack on exactly one ounce of almonds yesterday – no seconds – victory!

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 1,476 calories, 134 carbs, 116 protein, 48 fat and 26 fiber
  • 45 minute walk

So what challenge am I talking about?  The summer is commonly known as the 101 days of summer, which basically is Memorial Day to Labor Day.  I plan on really challenging myself in the exercise department.  Luckily a new state of the art gym was built close to my office – and because of the proximity, I am considered a “corporate” member and get the resident discount!  For a three month trial, it will cost $115.  If I like it, it would only be $31 a month after that.

Check it out here.  It couldn’t come at a better time because my tiny office gym membership was up for renewal, and since Joe and Hannah and I haven’t used Cardinal Fitness for a while, I will drop that.  One of the most successful tools I had when I lost my weight was exercise classes.  I am a competitive person by nature, and when I see someone going full speed, I have to do my best to match it!

So here’s the deal – who’s with me? My plan is to have each participant come up with their own goal – whether you break it down weekly, monthly, or just a total at the end.  Every Saturday I would ask that you send me an email at and let me know if you were successful or not.  I’ll post a recap on Sundays with everyone’s successes!   This does mean that my regular posts will probably dwindle to just Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I do plan on having a “101 Day” page that will have my own individual progress.

Here’s the big deal though . . . I plan on taking a “before” picture for all the world to see, stretch marks and all!  If I am willing to do that, you can at least join in the fun!  What do you think?  Any suggestions?

Oh, one last thing:  HANNAH’S LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL IS TODAY!  They have graduation rehearsal and then the senior breakfast at a banquet hall in the next town over.  Four days til graduation! 😀

I am so proud of you Hannah! Love, Mom

Shower time – see ya! 😀