You would think some days that when I leave for work I am going on a long weekend trip.  I have my gym bag, camera bag, lunch bag, purse, bottle of water and coffee!  I said goodbye to Tony and went out the back door to the car.

Sadly, I did not see the patch of ice on the ground with all the shit I was carrying.  Within an instant I was on my knees, and not for anything fun! (that’s what she said! – Mary, that’s for you!).

It took me a second to realize what exactly happened.  My first thought?  I’ve broken my knee cap.  That’s how hard I fell.  I stood up and I realized I only had one shoe.  I looked and looked and finally found it – 15 feet away by our shed!  My coffee?  Um, that was splattered all over the side of the house.

Both my knees look like this – and my right elbow was scraped too. Sad smile


At first I thought it wasn’t too bad.  But as the day progressed, the swelling of my right knee got worse and I could hardly bend it.  I iced it last night which helped, but I may have to take another rest day today.  I still have 27.9 miles to go for my 45 miles in the month of March – still totally doable!

Breakfast was two banana granola pancakes, with a schmear of honey roasted peanut butter.  Holy shizz – the peanut butter?  I got it at Whole Foods and its spectacular.  They charge $5.99 a pound for it, and the container I bought cost $1.25.  I need to buy more stat!  Breakfast came in at 379 calories, 12 fat, 40 carbs, 2.8 fiber and 20 protein.

fall 014

I actually thought of going to work out, and actually went to the gym.  Only to realize I didn’t have my gym bag!  With my fall I got all out of sorts and never brought it to work.  I ended up going to the local grocery store to buy a couple things for Souper Friday today and to get stuff from the salad bar for our taco salad dinner.

When I got back, it was St. Patty’s Day in my mouth!  Lunch comes in at 399 calories, 17 fat, 31 carbs, 8.4 fiber and 28 protein.

fall 023

This may be my new favorite mustard – so good!

fall 016

I may have also purchased a cheese while at the store – this one is delicious! After goat cheese, I think cheddar is my second favorite cheese.  Only 3.20 for this piece!

fall 026

Here are the toppings I got from the salad bar for $2.02.

fall 029

I mixed light ranch dressing with taco sauce for our dressing:

fall 030

I cooked ground sirloin, then mixed in 1/2 a cup of black beans and 1/2 a cup of corn.

fall 031

My giant taco salad came in at 508 calories, 28 fat, 33 carbs, 7.4 fiber and 31 protein.  This took me 30 minutes to eat, and I didn’t even finish it all. Open-mouthed smile

fall 036

Alright, time to get my shit together.  I will leave you with a tiny guest post from Tony – Happy Friday – make it a great day!


It has always been important to me to make Biz laugh every day. She has one of the best laughs ever, and she loves to use it.

When we are on the work bench (in bed) Biz always says good night and gives me a kiss. That is when I make my move. I like to name the offensive way I put my tongue in her mouth. I’m not sure when it happened, but she hates when I put my tongue deep in her mouth. For me it means, put your tongue deep in her mouth. As I am doing this I say things like, dead turtle. Dead turtle is when I don’t move my tongue, I just shove it in motionless. Spastic lizard, that is when I put my tongue deep and her mouth and shake it. U tube is when I make my tongue into a U shape and place it deep in her mouth.

Invariably she laughs and yells, “too much”. I cannot stop, it amuses me greatly.

I’m really lucky that I get to spend time with someone who enjoys my flaws as much as my strengths. She is the best thing that ever happened to me!