Tony slept in a little later than me yesterday, so I did one productive thing!  I finally deleted all the old pictures I don’t need to keep anymore.  It was getting way out of hand.  Check out how many photos I deleted since June of last year!

lizz 001

7,773 photos!  Gah.   And what’s funny is that most of them were blurry food photos – ha!

Tony and I decided to get some tacos for lunch.  This restaurant just changed names and ownership, and I can’t even find it online, but they have super flavorful tacos for just $1.75 each.  The last time I mentioned this place and talked about their beef tongue tacos, I got several responses that said “get them next time – you won’t regret it!”  Here’s the deal though.  What I had in my head was that the tongue would have taste buds on them still and I imagined them “popping’ in my mouth as I ate them!  Tony was convinced I’d take one bite, say “nope!” and hand the plate over to him!

lizz 003

lizz 006

That, is the beef tongue taco – and it was delicious!  Just tasted like tender beef.  I believe they cook it on a flat top grill because I had these charred crunchy pieces that were so good.  I generously topped that taco with this salsa – its avocado, sour cream, cilantro and my guess jalapenos – its so spicy and delicious!

lizz 004

After lunch we went to the Fresh Market.  I love that grocery store.  The Dominick’s that closed in the next town over had lots of bids from other grocery stores  – Mariano’s, The Fresh Market – but sadly Jewel is taking over that location.  Can you tell I don’t like Jewel that much?!

lizz 007

I drooled over all the cheese, although didn’t buy any since I still have Cabot cheese in the fridge.  Tony got some lox for bagels this weekend – he loves it and The Fresh Market has these nova lox bits that are perfect and pretty reasonably priced.  Me?  I don’t like any kind of salmon.

Then it was time to pick up my insulin.  My deductible hasn’t been met yet.  It’s my night time insulin and without it, my blood sugar is always high in the morning.  I went online and found a coupon from the manufacturer.  I had no idea if it would work because I have insurance – I think It was mainly meant for people who didn’t have insurance.  Well, it knocked off $100!  So I ended up paying $211.  This box will last me about three weeks.

lizz 008

We got home around 2 in the afternoon, and I thought to myself “I have a few hours to get stuff done before we have to go to dinner.”  Except I laid on the couch, put a blanket on myself and dozed off and on for a couple hours – it was AWESOME!  I can’t even remember the last time I did that.  No guilt at all!

My step-daughter-in-law has had a whirlwind trip while she’s been home this week and glad she was able to carve out some time to meet with us.  We got there early, so I asked Tony to take a nice picture with me – um, not sure he knows what the word “nice” means!  The last picture makes me laugh out loud!

PicMonkey Collage

We had a lovely visit.  Her Mom is really nice and actually comes to the Chinese restaurant we picked about every week so everyone stopped by to say hello to her!

lizz 020

lizz 021

That photo above was taken with a new app called Cam Me – you give your iPhone a hand signal and it counts down to take a picture – hands free selfies!  Photobombed by Tony!

lizz 024

lizz 022

So the only thing missing was my step-son Joe.  He stayed back in Austin because of work.  It was great seeing you Lizz – I love you!

So here is how inactive I was yesterday!

all 594

Yep – just over half a mile yesterday!  But, I will make up for it today.  I work at the restaurant tonight.  We have a new computer system so hopefully things will go smoothly – they installed it on Monday so hopefully by today all the kinks will be worked out.  Happy Friday – make it a great day!