What a crazy day yesterday was!  I’ve been intimating that my work life has been anything but stable these last few weeks.  The shoe has finally dropped so now I can finally talk about it.

My one attorney left a few weeks ago with another attorney to start their own firm.  They took a big chunk of the clients with them.  No worries, we still had plenty more clients to keep things going.  I spent days and days boxing up files (maybe that helped with my continued weight loss??!!).

Then last Friday, a bunch of other attorneys all left the building around 3:00 in the afternoon.  This is not normal for any of these attorneys, especially my boss who is usually the first one in and last one to leave.  If you walked by any of these peoples offices, you just saw random office equipment – all personal belongings had been removed.

Yesterday I get to work.  My boss sends an email along with the rest of the attorneys that they are resigning.  I had already heated up my breakfast and taken my insulin, so I had to keep eating.  My boss handed me a piece of paper with an address on it inviting me to lunch.  Presumably at their new law firm.

Another secretary was also offered an invitiation and we went.  Our office managers advised us that if we went to the lunch, were offered a position and we accepted it, that we would have to come back and clear out our desks and it would be our last day.  I’ve been with this firm for almost six years.

We went – the new office space is beautiful.  It became quite obvious that I only had one choice to stay with this new firm.  We had a catered lunch, I was given an office tour and a key.  I then had to go back for my personal belongings.

When I said goodbye to my walking buddy, I held it together.  She’s one of my best friends and also part of my weight watcher food club that I make lunch for.  I then head to my desk to pack up my shit when my other best friend and weight watcher food club buddy starts walking to my desk and she starts crying, then I start crying.  Shit, I cry at Hallmark commercials!

We hugged, she lives in the town next to me so I know we’ll hang out again.  It’s really weird, but with the exception of two people, usually when I leave a place of employment, I never talk to anyone again.  It’s like I end one chapter and begin another.  Even with people I ate lunch with for years!

During the tour the only thing that stuck out is when they gave us a tour of the kitchen . . . there’s no stove.  Only a microwave and a toaster oven.  We have a beautiful patio off of the kitchen though – I think I may have to convince them to buy a grill! šŸ˜€

The only downsides – my commute is 20 minutes longer each way and my gym is too far away to go to at lunch.  I am going to have to see what my walking options are in that area, I am not sure.  So I will definitely have to be getting my ass up to get to they gym by my house.

So over the weekend, I made a batch of Lori’s magic rolls.  The dough was such an interesting texture, almost wet?  But just like Lori said they puffed up nicely in the oven.  I sliced one in half, put a little butter on it and handed half to Tony.  He immediately spit it out in the garbage can.  It doesn’t have a “bread” taste to me because of the vital wheat gluten, but it was okay – but then I toasted it for my breakfast sammies and preferred the toasted flavor much better.

this small bag was expensive, but you only use a little bit – it was $7.50 at my local grocery store

Here’s how they look out of the oven – each one is 107 calories, 6.8 fat, 3.3 carbs, .3 fiber, and 7.9 protein.

My breakfast – 2 toasted magic rolls, egg/egg whites with ham and swiss cheese – 10 PointsPlus.

I have no picture of lunch since I was eating at the new law firm – Panera was catered in.  I had some salad with balsamic dressing, and half a turkey sandwich – have no clue how many points.

I ended up leaving my new office at 5:20 and didn’t get home until 5:55.  Tony asked what was on the menu and when I said pork chops and home made rice-a-roni, he was like “okay, I don’t know how to make that.”  Neither did I!  I saw it on Katie’s blog a while ago and its been on my list of things to try.  My only flaw was that I didn’t use a tight enough fitting lid, so a couple of the pieces of pasta were a bit crunchy. Click on the highlighted link above for the recipe – thanks Katie! šŸ˜€

It was pretty simple too – and can easily be prepared on a week night.

Stats for the Day

  • I have no idea how many points
  • 40 minutes swim
  • started the morning at one job
  • finished the day off at a new job
  • thankful that I have a job . . .priceless!

Alright, off to my “first” day of work – Happy Tuesday!