This is one of Tony’s favorite commercials.  Every time it comes on, he has to watch it to the end.



It got me thinking that this Play 60 might be a good challenge for me for the month of February.  If nothing else, it will get me active over the weekends.  While housework is moving, it’s not all that challenging!

I normally work out at least 45 minutes during the week, so I don’t think it will be too hard to find 15 more minutes to move. 

Anyone want to join my challenge?  Leave me a comment and let me know you are in.  For everyone who meets the challenge, you will have the opportunity to win a case of my baja fresh salsa!  (12, four ounce jars).

Yesterday I had what I am calling a breafkast crostini – 2 ounces of my homemade bread toasted, then spread with 1 tablespoon goat cheese, topped with spinach egg whites.  I had a tangerine and strawberries on the side.

crostini 001

For my lunch exercise, I swam for 30 minutes without stopping – I have to tell you, that’s a tough all body workout.  The best part is that I have time to take an extra long shower in the deluxe gym shower room. Open-mouthed smile

I had the tail end of my lasagna soup – really not a whole lot left, mostly broth and some noodles.  I decided to toss a zucchini in my bag and I cooked it to go with the soup.  I just sliced it up and put it in some water and then nuked it for 1 minute, then added it to the soup when I reheated it.

crostini 006

crostini 009

This took me a while to eat and it was delicious, with some toasted bread on the side.

In the afternoon, I ate a peach Chobani.  Jenn, I am showing you this picture because I am so bummed – I dropped my spoon that went with the snowman mug you sent me for Christmas. Sad smile  (And I love how I have a supplies catalog that has prices that are good through June 30, 2011 – note to self, throw that out when you get to work!)

crostini 011

Today is Souper Friday and I am making beef and potato stew with cheddar biscuits.  My boss gave me $20 for her lunches for the week, so I had that money in hand to buy the ingredients for my Souper Friday lunch.  I scored at the 50% off bin.  Tony calls it the poor people’s bin, I just call it fabulous!

crostini 013

I got a fully cooked chicken for $2.99, brie cheese for $2.50, ranch dip for $1 and potato salad for $1.  I ended up spending $22.08 for all of my groceries, and I only had to pay $2.08 cents out of pocket.  I plan on making Mara’s Green Burritos, so I picked off all the meat of the chicken for that recipe.

Dinner was super easy, I let the rice maker do all the work.  I made Zatarain’s red beans and rice and added the cooked smoked sausage in at the same time.  It takes about 45 minutes, but I love that there is hardly any clean up.  And as my usual, I had it on a bed of baby spinach.

crostini 016

I had 20 almonds as an evening snack.  It wasn’t until this morning that I finished putting in my calories for the day:

  • 1215 calories
  • 40 fat
  • 145 carbs
  • 17 fiber
  • 60 protein

I fell 400 calories short of my 1600 goal.  I plan on making granola bars over the weekend, and maybe will add a green monster as an evening snack to bump up the calories.

Another cold one today – right now the temperature is –3, but it feels like –20! Wow, two days in a row that I’ll be wearing a winter coat – I think that’s a record! Open-mouthed smile

Off to get my biscuits out of the oven – they smell amazing! 

Make it a great day!