What a wonderful weekend!  It went by in a flash though, as most weekends do. 

Saturday I spent the day with my family – my Aunt from Virginia was in town and today my Mom and Aunt are flying to Vegas for the week.  They have a couple shows they have tickets for already:


I remember seeing Terry Fator from America’s Got Talent – he is so amazing, it’s no surprise that he’s pulling big crowds in Vegas six years later.  Do you remember seeing him on that show?  They are also going to see the new Cirque de Soleil.  And of course, will be going to a few good restaurants.  We joked with them that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Open-mouthed smile

My twin sister and Hannah:

bpud 013

Us being goofy!

bpud 014

bpud 015

My Aunt and Hannah:

bpud 016

Mom’s youngest and oldest grandchildren – both of whom are taller than her!

bpud 017

She made a wonderful dinner – the star of the show was this pork roast though – and she bought it at Aldi!  I don’t think I’ve ever bought meat at Aldi before, I’ll have to check it out.

bpud 024

Yesterday while Tony was watching football, he realized that a few squirrels were hanging out on our deck – we’ve never seen squirrels get so close before!

bpud 013

bpud 016

I at first threw them Cheerios, and that wasn’t a big hit.  I tried a carrot, no such luck.  I did throw them some almonds, but I wasn’t going to waste my almonds on squirrels!  So when I was at the store, Tony texted me and said “they like hot nuts!”


I texted back “you’ll kill them!”  When I got home, he did say that after eating a couple, they were rubbing their faces on the table – I am sure wondering what the hell was so fricken hot!  I guess they won’t try to get to the bird feeder anymore!

How was your weekend?  It’s cold here today – It’s days like this I am happy I don’t work downtown.  And if anyone is wondering, I will be wearing a winter coat today. Open-mouthed smile 

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It’s oudy

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