I thought it was appropriate to take a picture of my icy cold breakfast in an icy background!  It was a tad bit overcast yesterday morning!

chix 001

I added a tad more coffee to this batch too, hence the darker color. Open-mouthed smile

My lower back was sore yesterday morning.  I was on the fence about working out at all, but then I told myself, just go, and if it continues to hurt, just stop.  I know me.  If I skip a workout, then I find it really easy to find excuses to skip the next one.

So I went.  I knew I wanted to run.  I walked for 3 minutes on the treadmill, and then put it at a 4.8 mph pace.  I know that it takes me at least 10 or 15 minutes to get comfortable running until I don’t think about it.  Turns out I was just fine, and towards the end I was up to a 5.5 mph pace.


So in the words of Nike: 

Just Do It!

I realized when I was downloading my pictures that I never took a picture of my lunch – it was leftover chicken fried rice with extra broccoli and bean sprouts.  I may have added a touch of sriracha to my dish.

When Tony picked up the chicken breasts that were on sale the other day, they also had chicken legs and chicken thighs for .68 cents a pound.  I decided to have an “indulgent” dinner and made fried chicken and cheezy rice.

chix 001

While the fryer got to temperature, I soaked the chicken in milk and hot sauce.  Then I put flour that I seasoned with seasoned salt, pepper and paprika, and double dipped the chicken.

chix 003

How the hell did that Frank’s hot sauce get on my chicken??!!  Sadly, the thighs were undercooked, so we each had a drumstick.  I thought I might be hungry later on, but I wasn’t Open-mouthed smile

Long time readers will remember that my Uncle passed away last summer.  My Aunt and Uncle were together since the 80s, but didn’t get married until about ten years ago.  Hannah loved him so much!  It broke my heart when I had to tell her that he passed away.


My Aunt spent the fall rehabbing their house, not only because it needed it, but because it was probably a good distraction to keep her busy.  I know this sounds weird, but I always knew that if my Dad died first, my Mom would be fine, however, if my Mom had died first, I would have had to take care of my Dad.

Both my Mom and Aunt are strong women – actually, most of the women in our family are strong.  We struggle, get knocked down, but we always find our feet to stand up.

My Aunt is coming to Chicago this weekend!  I’ll be spending the day at my Mom’s house tomorrow, they are going to see The Book of Mormon on Sunday and then flying to Vegas for the week.  Lots of shows and food will be had! Open-mouthed smile

I am picking up Hannah, my sister and her family will be there, so it will be a fun day. Lots of laughing for sure!

Today for Souper Friday at my office I am making my buffalo chicken chili and cheezy corn bread muffins.  I’ll have the muffin recipe tomorrow – they are baking right now as I am typing and smell amazeballs!

Make it a great day!