I had to put in some two-a-days last week to meet my 170 mile goal, but in the end, I did 171 miles!


Those photos above are just some of the miles I traveled the last six weeks, all in support of my friend Jacky’s determination and dedication to make it to the New York Marathon!

I’d been following the news all week to see that status of the race.  There were basically two schools of thought.  One was, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  The other was, “why the fuck would we have a race when people are without food, shelter and electricity?!”

I guess I just wish they would have made a decision sooner.  Because I saw Jacky posted this on Facebook:

new york

She made it to New York!!   But I am happy that it seems Jacky is rolling with the punches.  Last night she posted “The barathon has begun!”  So sorry Jacky – hope you get your money back!  I am still so proud of your marathon training!

We had so much food in our office refrigerator from our Halloween party, my poblano and potato quiche kind of got buried!  The cuties were so sweet!

salsa 003

At lunch I banged out my last mileage before work and at lunch:

  7,.14                    12         

And I need to deep clean my fridge today, because this beef stew got buried in the back – still delicious!  I had enough to share with my boss, and she kept telling me how great it was while she was eating it – and finally said “is there cinnamon in here?!”  Yep!

salsa 006

And it was Party Pizza Friday!  Store bought, but I bought Smithfield bacon on my way home from work at the store that I buy the pizza from – it was in the discount bin at 75% off, so I came home, chopped it up and made bacon bits out of it.

salsa 009

The only thing I think these take and bake pizzas need is more sauce – or I need to be more organized and have my own dough ready to make it myself!

Vernonica’s Online Bake Sale for Suzie was a success!  Every item got a bid and I am very touched that blog reader Christine (hi Christine!!) bid $100 for my salsa!  Woop!  Thank you so much Christine! 

Our main project this weekend?  Mow the lawn, now that all the leaves are down.  Our lawn looks like a blanket of leaves!  And maybe we’ll have a bonfire?  I think we have enough to burn in our fire pit, no?

salsa 011

I just brewed a pot of coffee that’s calling my name, hope you have a fabulous weekend!