I told Tony on Sunday that I was going to be getting up and working out before work again.  That way life won’t get in the way and I can at least have one workout done.  Um, turns out if you drink wine, stay up to watch the Oscars and not do a blog post for the next day, that’s not going to happen.  Oh well, one last day to enjoy the time spent at home drinking coffee and blogging before work.

I realize I need to stick to a schedule.  Work out before work – strength train.  Do T-25/swim/stair master/whatever at lunch.  Mostly just to get away from my desk.  Then at night spend 30-45 minutes on doing my blog post for the next day and packing my food/gym bag for the next day.  It’s completely doable – I just need to keep up with it!

I love pancakes for breakfast, but I’ve realized that I need more protein with breakfast – I was actually starting to get hungry already even before my lunch time workout.  I used Recipe Girl’s Recipe – the only thing I did differently was add 1/4 cup of 2% milk – my batter was really almost too thick before I added the milk.  This made 5 good size pancakes –  I used my 1/3 cup measure.  Each pancake – 98 calories, 2 fat, 14 carbs, 6 protein and .7 fiber.  This picture is not in focus, but these were really tasty.

excuses 029

excuses 039

cauliflower 005

One the side I had 1.5 ounces of deli ham and a cup of mixed fruit.

I decided to do a treadmill interval workout at lunch.  It’s been so long since I have run.  Holy cow am I out of shape!  I ended up using this program – except my sprints were only 1 minute long, not 2 minutes.

cauliflower 034

I am loving my new shoes – I told Tony it’s as if I am not wearing any and I have no foot or knee pain after I run – love it!

cauliflower 041

I was more than ready to eat lunch by the time I got back from the gym.  At the restaurant, one of the dishes that is the Chef’s favorite is stuffed baby peppers.   As luck would have it, last week my store had these baby peppers on sale for .99 a bag.

excuses 017

excuses 021


excuses 027

cauliflower 010

I made spaghetti squash on Sunday and put two cups of the squash in one container, the sauce and peppers in another.  I heated it up at work in my baby casserole dish and this was super delicious.  The peppers had just a touch of bite to them, and the crushed red pepper kicked it up a notch.  I could have used more sauce though!

Whenever my store sells chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound, I usually have a couple chicken dishes that week.  Tony will be making his famous fried rice one night this week.  I decided to make this Rosemary Lemon Chicken with Cauliflower Gratin.  Except I used 5 ounce pieces of chicken breast for each of us, and I reduced the chicken broth to 1 cup.  For the chicken – it comes in at 327 calories, 5.1 carbs, 49 protein, 11.9 fat and .9 fiber.  The cauliflower gratin (which makes 6 servings) comes in at 216 calories, 16 fat, 11 protein, 11 fat and 1.6 fiber.

cauliflower 023

cauliflower 027

I love, love, loved this rosemary lemon sauce.  The lemons just brighten up the dish.

And since I didn’t get my ass out of bed before work, I had 25 more minutes of exercise to do, so T-25 fit the bill.  I ended up doing lower body and was super sweaty at the end.  I am definitely feeling sore in my quads this morning!  I am headed to the gym for upper body strength, and I plan on swimming at lunch today.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1817 calories (almonds eaten after workout not shown)
  • 194 carbs, 118 protein, 68 fat and 16 fiber
  • 35 minute treadmill at lunch
  • 25 minutes of T-25 after dinner

Make it a great day!