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Since I can’t run I have to ride the bike which means I get to read blogs the very second they hit my reader. Congratulations Biz!! That’s awesome. I live in Massachusetts. Off to twat the giveaway! Sounds so dirty. LOL!! Have a great day.

Congrats Aimee!  Send me an email at with your mailing address. Open-mouthed smile

Let’s quickly show yesterdays eats, because after seeing the food pics, you may not have an appetite!

I tried making a pumpkin parfait.  It is close to being great.  I love that it isn’t overly sweet, but I need to add some texture to the canned pumpkin – maybe mix it with diced apple or dried cranberries?  Admittedly, my co-worker thought it looked like baby food, but this was delicious – 1 container of plain Chobani, 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin mixed with 1 tablespoon of sugar free pancake syrup, and for the granola, I broke up one piece of Pioneer woman’s granola bars.

I left my good camera at the office, so thanks google images for my breakfast and lunch pictures!  My parfait came in at 388 calories, 6 fat, 62 carbs (eek!), 7.4 fiber and 25 protein.


I WENT TO THE GYM!   Knowing that I still had over 100 miles to get to in just 9 days, I ended up doing 12.9 miles on the exercise bike in 45 minutes.  I did random hills on level 5 and kept my RPMs over 100 the whole time – its been nearly a week since I’ve worked out!

12.9 miles

Lunch was leftovers – red beans and rice with sausage, mixed with 1 cup chopped baby spinach.  Lunch comes in at 555 calories, 23 fat, 60 carbs, 8.7 fiber and 27 protein.  Can you tell I chose this picture off of google images because of the Tabasco sauce??!!

red beeans

When I got home Tony asked what was for dinner.  I said chicken.  He said “didn’t we have chicken last night?”  Well, yes we did, but chicken was the only meat I had thawed out.  So I said “chicken sandwiches and fries or chicken mushroom pasta.”  He said “Chik-fil-A sandwiches with mayo and pickles!”

Truth be told, I still have yet to try a Chik-fil-A.  I told you there was one that opened up near our house but the place is always packed, even two lanes in the drive-thru!

I loosely based my recipe on this one:   Um, there’s looks pretty amazeballs!


I did ours a bit differently.  Each of our chicken sandwiches was only 4 ounces and pounded thin.  Each sandwich maybe retained 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of the flour mixture.  I didn’t butter our buns, and I left out the powdered sugar in the recipe, but that’s just a personal taste.

I topped ours with 1/2 ounce slices of American cheese, used light (80 calorie) buns, and I topped mine with these pickles, which are amazing and almost all gone.


I was going to throw the brine away when I saw on the label: “uses for pickle juice: marinate chicken, pork or beef.”  What??!!  I am bringing pulled pork sandwiches for our Halloween luncheon next week and plan to use this.  Yum!  So my sandwich by itself comes in at 347 calories, 23 fat, 15 carbs, .1 fiber and 22 protein.


I may have dipped my fries in this?


It was a simple, quick and easy week night dinner.  You should check out the original recipe though if you’ve had Chik-fil-A before.

It’s been a couple months since I KERFed out loud.  I actually haven’t read her blog lately, but my co-worker sent me a link.  She and I are on the same page that we just can’t figure out what is so interesting about her – I think she doesn’t seem to have much personality, I’ve never known a blogger to post more pictures of themselves into almost every post.  (Tony thinks that I am just jealous that her blog is more popular than mine!)

What stopped me in my tracks?


In her original post she actually posted the picture of the woman who was encapsulating her placenta, while her placenta was on the kitchen counter.  It’s since been cropped, so I won’t let you get too grossed out.


That lady above drove 100 miles round trip ($300 in total to cook the placenta and mileage) to make placenta tea and encapsulate her placenta into pills.   Their doula took the placenta from the delivery room and brought it back to KERF’s refrigerator.  Sick smile

Nicole also left “placenta tea” in fridge for when I got home, which was essentially the broth she cooked it in (I think?) seasoned with spices and flavors to make it palatable. I was brave and gave it a taste – it was like the strongest black and herbal tea I’ve ever had mixed together. There was no trace of iron or blood or anything gross. In fact, both my MOM and MATT tasted it!!!

There was no trace of iron or blood or anything gross?  Seriously, I am just happy I was young and clueless when I had Hannah.  There was no internet to speak of, I didn’t read any books.  Just followed my doctors advice and somehow she turned out okay.

Am I just old and this is the newest and latest thing??  I am so curious to hear what my nurse and RD blogging friends have to say about it!

And will wait to see the comments for me to just mind my own business. Open-mouthed smile  It’s okay, I’ve got my big girl pants on today.

HAPPY FRIDAY!   Only 94.33 miles to go in my 170 miles challenge – woot!