I can’t believe its been four years since the first food blog was ever created – ha!  At least that’s what I wrote on one of my first posts.  You think that nothing really changes in your life day to day, but looking back on four years, we’ve been through a lot!

And lots and lots of recipes and good food in between.  I have loved having this blog these past years – it is the perfect creative outlet for me and I have “met” some of the most amazing women that I otherwise never would have known they existed without this blog.

I remember being so excited that I got my 500th comment!   And when I hit 40,000 page views after 7 months I thought “wow, people really like to read about me!” Tony actually did his first guest post on that milestone. Open-mouthed smile

Now my stats tell me I’ve had 2001 posts, 39,941 comments and 950,020 page views.  Wowza!

And while this started out as a weight loss/food blog, um, pretty sure I am back where I started from.  I had the craziest notion when I started this blog that if I put myself out there, showed the number on the scale, that it somehow would magically guilt me into making better choices.

In fact, I emailed back and forth with Rachel yesterday, and even though she said she would keep my secret, you know what I made for lunch yesterday?  A francheezie – an all beef hot dog sliced in half, put on a jimmy john’s day old bread, with really good American cheese and bacon and made a panini out of it.  Um, pretty sure its time to make better choices!

So let’s start over, shall we?

bday 044

The best news though?  I haven’t coughed since Sunday!!  Woop!  My gym bag is packed and I plan on hitting the gym at lunch today.  Again, thanks to all of my August challengers for your kind comments and emails about me being sick and not finishing my goals.  Maybe I’ll make 100 miles in September?

So how was your long weekend?  Ours was a perfect mix of lazy and productivity – loved it!  I have some recipes to share later this week – parmesan focaccia – so easy this could be made on a week night, homemade corn tortillas, a marinated shrimp dish with creamy polenta, and a pork ragu that is amazeballs.  And Tony made me his killer eggs! Open-mouthed smile  (He’s actually really sick of me mentioning every time he makes eggs that I tell him they are the best ever!)

shrimp 016    shrimp 023

shrimp 034

bday 002   bday 010

bday 016

bday 022  bday 036

bday 030

My Mom, SIL and nephew came over for a bbq yesterday – I made ribs and my Mom brought this delicious grilled corn salad – I’ll have to get the recipe from her because it was amazeballs!  And so was dessert.  About 45 minutes before everyone came over I realized I never fixed a dessert!  So I made an apple/blueberry crumble that was delicious – I’ll post that recipe later on this week too.  And let’s just say that served with vanilla bean ice cream, this was most definitely insulin worthy!

bday 038

So to thank all my loyal readers, just leave me a comment and tell me either:

  1. How long have you been reading My Bizzy Kitchen (formerly Biggest Diabetic Loser) or
  2. Which recipe have you made from this blog?

The winner will get . . . what ever blogger wants especially now that fall is upon us:

table top light box

A portable, folding light box!  Comes with four backdrops, two lights and a tripod.  And the winner will receive a years subscription to Cooking Light, still my favorite food magazine.

I’ll pick a random winner this Friday, September 7.  Good luck and thanks for reading!  Off to put my food together for the day – make it a great day!