Every year I put together our firms holiday lunch.  It’s just one less thing my boss has to worry about it, and it usually works out really well.  This year we decided to throw in an ugly sweater contest.  When I was at Good will on Thursday, I bought this red sweater with fur around the collar and arms.  I bought tiny ornaments meant for a table top tree and sewed them on.  After about a dozen, I figured that was enough!

sweater 001

The prize was a $15 Starbucks card, so I ended up stopping by Walgreen’s to pick on up on my way to work, when I saw this headband and I knew I was going to buy it.  I wore it all day long!

sweater 003

I also have yet another snowman coffee mug – this one is huge!

sweater 005

I ended up eating breakfast around ten because our luncheon didn’t even start until 2:00 – we close the office early and then just leave the restaurant around 5.  I had a Chobani, a cheese stick and an English muffin.

sweater 007

So I had reserved this private room at a restaurant near our office back in October.  I’ve had several conversations between then and yesterday, even going so far as to go to the restaurant on Wednesday to talk about how I wanted the tables set up, where I wanted appetizers to be placed, etc.  They even showed me how to close the pocket doors for more privacy, as she said the restaurant could get very noisy.  Perfect!  So imagine my surprise when I got there early, that there were people in our room.  I asked if they were just finishing up, when the hostess said “no you’ll be sharing that private room with a party of 14.”  WTF?! 

I asked to speak to the GM, they said he stepped out – I knew that because he was smoking outside.  When he came back in, I said “are you finished with your cigarette so you can take care of this!”  He then proceeded to tell me that how could I expect to have a private room all to myself during the holidays when they are so busy.  Really?!  I was mad.  It didn’t help that I was hungry, my blood sugar was dropping – one of the attorneys said “I didn’t know you could be so forceful!”  I scanned the entire restaurant, found some corner tables that I wanted to be put together for a 12 top and told the manager he had to make it happen.  But what I didn’t want was a long table because half the table couldn’t hear what the other half of the table was talking about.  The apps didn’t come out until nearly 2:45.  The food was okay – the apps were a little tasteless, but my turkey burger was good.  Reuben egg rolls and calamari.

sweater 014

I got a glass of wine – stat!

sweater 012

The turkey burger comes with avocado and a raspberry jelly that’s really good.  The mac and cheese was pretty good too.

sweater 017

My co-workers gave me some loot too – I plan on bringing my gifts to the office next Friday – I just sort of ran out of time!  My one co-worker got me this bottle of hot sauce – can’t wait to try it!

sweater 008

And my other co-worker gave me this snowman night lite – an organization called Pioneer Center for Human Services makes these lights as part of their fundraising.  She made the donation, and in turn gave me the snowman night lite – love it!

sweater 022

Speaking of loot – reader Kym sent me this snowman spatula and a SQUIRREL card – how appropriate is that for me!  Me?  Not Wish You a Merry Christmas?”  and on the inside it says “That would be nuts!”  Love it Kym – thank you so much!!!!

sweater 023

And guess what I got in the mail yesterday?  My $5,000 check for winning the Spark People slow cooker contest!

sweater 020

It could not have come at a better time.  Not only with the holidays, but it will be nice to catch up on some bills, and still have a cushion in the bank.   Now I just need to find more recipe contests to enter!

Tony and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary tomorrow!   It’s hard to believe we’ve been married that long, but it seems like we’ve been together forever, if that makes any sense.  New readers can read about how me met here.  We are dining in – making crab cakes and steak and sharing a bottle of Asti.  No better way than to spend a date night in on a Sunday.  I love you Tony!

sweater 024

Have a great weekend!