I had planned on yesterday being a rest day, especially after running two days in a row.  I guess if I was more consistent in running my hips and knees would get used to it.  I ended up doing my 30 minute stretch before work – I feel so good when I am finished stretching – which means I never stretched nearly enough before.

Are you sick of seeing my breakfast muffins?  I am not sick of eating them.  I was trying to describe them to my Mom (who reads every day – Hi Mom!) and the consistency is almost like a quiche, especially the longer they sit in the fridge.  I bake them at 350 for 10 minutes in my office toaster oven (doesn’t heat up very fast).  I added a 140 calorie Greek yogurt to the mix to up the breakfast calories – still this whole plate comes in at 379 calories, 9 fat, 35 carbs, 3.5 fiber and 39 protein.

sushi 002

Since it was 91 degrees out and I wasn’t working out at lunch I decided to hit up a thrift store that’s about 5 minutes from my office.  I bought a couple cookbooks (Emeril Lagasse Book for $1!).  What I didn’t buy, but Skippy, I was thinking of you when I saw this!  Um, she and I are both a little obsessed with snowmen. Open-mouthed smile


And I actually owned this exact record – it brought back memories of my old record player – I would listen to my records and sing at the top of my lungs – who remembers this record player?  You could push the turn table up and you could carry it around like a suit case.

record player


I am sure DeBarge thought he was so hot in that outfit – I wonder what he thinks of it now?!

When I got back it was another salad day . . . TACO salad!  One head of romaine lettuce, baby spinach, canned white corn, jalapeno, 100 calorie guacamole and my dressing was 1/3 cup of my salsa mixed with 2 tablespoons fat free ranch.  And no, this isn’t too many jalapenos – I ate every one. Devil  This giant salad, which took me about 45 minutes to eat, comes in at 485 calories, 21 fat, 45 carbs, 10 fiber and 35 protein.

sushi 008

When Tony and I were grocery shopping over the weekend, when we were leaving there was a woman handing something out – it was a coupon for 50% off your entire dinner bill at a new restaurant called One Buffet.

sushi 010


Mara, it’s right down the road from Joseph’s grocery store.  For dinner, it’s all you can eat for $11.79 for adults.  The first time through I got this plate:

bland food

Shitty pictures, but you aren’t missing much because it all pretty much tasted the same way – the shrimp was overcooked, the fried chicken was awful – the star on this plate?  The green beans!  I think what lured Tony in the beginning was the word “sushi” on the flyer.  Um, not a raw piece of sushi in the joint, and cooked sushi just doesn’t do it for him.  So no sushi for you Tony!  But then I reminded him it’s all about me and I was happy with my dinner so it’s all good! Smile with tongue out

But then I saw that you could build your own stir fry – winning!  This was spectacular, and the reason I will go back.  I had tons of veggies, fake crab, shrimp, and beef!  I asked them to make it spicy and they delivered.  I opted for about 1/2 cup of noodles over the rice. 

stir fry

And they had a dessert bar – I did get some fruit, a couple macaroons (had no idea how good these are!) and an almond cookie, which is my favorite.  Oh, and that elephant ear (I think that’s what its called?) was amaze balls too. Open-mouthed smile


Sadly, Tony will not go back, as stir fry as a little too many veggies for him – but Mara if you want to hook up there sometime when school starts again – I am game!

I didn’t even know that trampoline was an Olympic sport!  Check out this girl though – she’s only 16!  I can’t get over how high she gets!  It’s supposed to be 100 today!  Make it a great day!