Another non-stop day at work – but this time it was almost back breaking.  I had to put 48 binders together, then box them up (13 bankers boxes in all), put them on a cart, get them down to my car, load up my car, then unload them at FedEx!  It wasn’t until I dragged the 12th box in that the woman said “do you want to use our hand cart?”   I did have a couple co-workers help me for an hour which WAS A HUGE HELP!  Thanks Kathy and Renee! 😀

Food was a blur today – from my zucchini egg sammie, my Jimmy John’s unwich I turned into a salad, to tonight’s dinner of a grilled burger with cucumbers on the side – I didn’t have the energy for anything more elaborate!



Um, pretty sure I got my exercise in today just lifting these boxes!


Only two more days of hell, only two more days of hell . . . that’s my mantra and I am sticking to it!

Off to crash on the sofa!   See you tomorrow – sometime!