I ended up freezing the rest of my leftover taco stuff from Memorial day.  I think by Day 5, even though I said I could eat Mexican every day, I need to broaden my horizons next week, with say, you know – fruit and vegetables?  They have been sorely lacking this past week.

Breakfast was ground sirloin egg tacos with cilantro, cheese and salsa.  These two tacos come in at 350 calories, 12 fat, 28 carbs, 1 fiber and 13 protein.

pizza 003

It was perfect running weather yesterday.  Overcast, around 50 degrees.  I got my running shoes on and did my walk/run a song.  It felt really good!  50 minutes later I was back at my desk. Sad smile  I don’t know what it is about Friday afternoons at work but they just d r a g.   Even with a short week the work week felt long.

More Mexican for lunch!  This time it was the marinated skirt steak, 1/2 a cup of Mexican rice, chips and salsa.  Lunch comes in at 549 calories, 19 fat, 41 carbs, 7 fiber and 23 grams of protein.

pizza 006

When I left work there was a huge storm cloud – literally right over my office and it was blue skies everywhere else – so weird!

pizza 012

pizza 013

I texted Tony “do you want me to pick up a pizza at Dominick’s?”  Yep!  A bought the $5 dollar sausage pizza, and then bought 1/4 pound of pepperoni for $1.25.  I added mushrooms and green olives to Tony’s side – and I added diced red pepper to my side.

pizza 017

My guess is dinner is 536 calories, 24 fat, 38 carbs, 2 fiber and 21 protein.

I had a movie date with Hannah last night!  We saw What to Expect When You Are Expecting with Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock.  We hit up Trader Joe’s on the way in for bottled water (.69 cents!) and some pretzel thins for the movie.  When we got to the movie I noticed the same bottles of water we bought – cost $5 at the theater!

The movie was cute, somewhat predictable and had a few laugh out loud moments.  But I recommend waiting until this comes out – not sure it was worth the movie theater ticket price – but it was fun hanging out with Hannah. Open-mouthed smile

Stats for the Day:

  • 1675 calories (includes the pretzel thins!)
  • 68 fat, 153 carbs, 70 protein
  • 50 minute walk/run at lunch
  • average blood sugar 138

I have Kim of Mo’Betta to thank for today’s Inspirational Diet video.  I’ve probably watched it ten times already.  YOU WILL NEED A KLEENEX BY THE END!  What inspires me about this video is that you can almost put yourself in his shoes – he’s running as fast as he can in the beginning, then he slows down, maybe is talking to himself about just quitting, but then decides to speed up and keep going.

I wrote down this quote a while back, and don’t know who to give credit to, but it reminded me of this video.  Make it a great day!

“Each day is a special gift from God, and while life may not always be fair, you must never allow the pains, hurdles, and handicaps of the moment to poison your attitude and plans for yourself and your future. You can never win when you wear the ugly cloak of self-pity, and the sour sound of whining will certainly frighten away any opportunity for success. Never again. There is a better way.”